Thursday, 8 August 2019

Eating out: Marmalade at Birmingham REP

The food and drink were  complimentary for publicity purposes. 
Marmalade: The restaurant inside Birmingham REP Theatre. They are open for lunch and dinner with a pre-theatre menu. There's also a bar. They've just revamped their food and drink offering, which I'll share a little of in this post.

The terrace

Marmalade at the REP is situated on Centenary Square, which itself is going through a bit of a revamp. To make the most of this, Marmalade have a lovely terrace set up (seemingly sponsored by Martini). Here was where I started the party, with a sensible iced tea as it was so hot.

Inside has been kept the same, sensible as it's a lovely space.


New partnerships with local and national drinks suppliers make for a well-stocked bar. Beer is from the splendid Purity who had even brewed up a limited edition Marmalade Pale Ale for the occasion. Fingers crossed they bring this back as it was summery, light and zingy without being overly sweet or fruity.

New to Birmingham and Marmalade are ODK Mixers, who are providing the syrups and fruit juices for iced teas, cocktails, mocktails etc.

I also tried a Spritz made with Martini Fiero, an orange vermouth which might put you in mind of another summery aperitif!

I love that Marmalade are making connections with other local businesses, such as Sam of The Vanguard , who has recently launched his own mead: The Modern Mead Co. If you don't know, Mead is an alcoholic drink made with honey. That's it really. The Modern Mead Co have worked hard to create a light, crisp mead. Don't be put off by the honey- it isn't sickly. If you haven't tried mead you need to give this one a go. We tried it on its own and also in a 'Meadmosa' made with sparkling wine and orange juice. Splendid. If you want to know more, click on the two links above.


I didn't have a full meal but I tried a lot of the menu in canape and sample form. What I like is that the menu at Marmalade feels reasonably healthy. Yes there's treats (fish and chips, pate, chocolate mousse) but you can have your pre-theatre meal here and feel like you've been good to yourself.

Vegetarians, pescetarians and vegans seemed well taken care of  but you should take Tofu Tasha's word for vegans over mine.

They also have Afternoon Tea (veggie and vegan available) - a rather classy way to start an afternoon at the theatre I'd say.

A lovely evening sampling the new menu at Marmalade. Definitely the place to visit for dinner or lunch before an excellent show at the REP.

Marmalade at Birmingham REP

Photos are my own

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes

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