Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Drink: Blue Tea Box

The box was complimentary for review purposes.

Blue Tea Box  is an absolutely genius product for tea lovers or the tea lover in your life. £6.99 gets you a bag of top quality tea through your postbox each month, which is cheaper than at least two high end tea shops I can think of.

You can also get three teas for £12.99, which is what I tried. Cleverly, you can choose the styles of tea you would like: black, green, connoisseur (such as oolong and white), infusion (mint, fruit) or healthy (herbal, rooibos).

I picked Green, Healthy and Connoisseur. When I buy tea I always reach for the fancy black teas and my cupboard is full of them so I tried to pick styles I don't already have lots of.

Blue Tea Box have a variety of quality suppliers, which they bring together to make your perfect tea selection. So although I knew the styles of tea I didn't know exactly what they would be.

The box fell through my letterbox (no need to sign) containing three generous pouches of loose leaf tea and an information card for each.

Each tea was excellent quality and easy to use. I have a couple of tea pots but you can use one of those individual ones. It says the temperature the water should be on the pouch- basically if it's 90 odd degrees it should be straight off the boil. If it's less, leave it to cool a little or add cold water.

Refresher Green is a zingy and-yes- refreshing green tea. Lovely for mid-afternoon dips.
The Herbal Detox Tisane is the one I've got through the most (let's ignore the word detox). Made of a relaxing and tummy-friendly mix of nettle tops, rooibos, chamomile, ginger, fennel, peppermint and more, this was perfect for the hours between dinner and sleep.
Finally, Body Boost, another zingy, refreshing tea due to the addition of Yerba Mate. I've particularly enjoyed this one on weekends.

The pouches are generous and I didn't get through them in a month, but that's partly because I am at work so much and partly because I am always buying tea so my cupboard is full of it. If anything, having this subscription might stop me buying so much! You can also send a subscription of Blue Box Tea as a gift. 

Not into tea? Try Blue Coffee Box.

Blue Tea Box

Photos are my own.

The subscription box was complimentary for review purposes.

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