Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Food: Chung Ying Central

Food and drink were complimentary to celebrate Chung Ying Central's new menu. 

Style: Chinese    Price: ££ (Order loads of Dim Sum for around £4 a plate but mains vary)    
Location: Colmore Row

Chung Ying is a group of Cantonese restaurants in central Birmingham. I've been a fan for some years now, especially of Chung Ying Central. Chung Ying Central is on Colmore Row, has a slightly smaller menu than the rest of the group and has a focus on cocktails alongside 'small plates' such as dim sum. There's also crowd-pleasers such as Sweet and Sour and they're always trying to add in something less western!

 So, they've just launched a new menu, which is very clear and easy to follow, with small plates at its heart. I was invited along to try dishes from the new menu alongside some fellow bloggers, food writers and so on.

The food was matched with wines by Connolly's wine shop. It doesn't always have to be a beer with your Chinese food! I never consider having wine with Chinese. I particularly enjoyed the red wines; something I'll remember in future.

First up: a couple of Bao. These are small steamed buns, filled with something tasty. Originally from Taiwan, they've gradually sneaked in to Birmingham and I'm really glad to have somewhere else to get them (other than the incredible Tiger Bites Pig).

I tried the sweet potato katsu  and Beijing duck (both £5). You can also get the Bao filled with crispy pork, fried chicken or soft shell crab, all of which sound lovely. These are a perfect bite to start your meal. A perfect mixture of soft and crunchy textures, sweet and savoury flavours.

Next, a plate of spicy goodness! Please note that these are sample sizes, so not the amount you would receive if you ordered the dish. In the spoon you can see a kimchi dumpling (£4) which was absolutely beautiful. A squidgy outer casing was filled with deliciously spicy kimchi. One of my favourites of the evening.

The giant prawn on the plate is a Typhoon Prawn (£20 and absolutely worth it). Giant prawns in a beautiful mix of garlic and chilli. Don't think that head was just for show: there's plenty more meat within.

The group were then treated to a variety of mains. They were on sharing plates so I didn't get many photos. Below you can the Stewed Pork Belly, but we also tried black pepper beef, fried rice, Buddha's Delight (a tasty mix of veg and tofu skin) salted egg lobster, which was beautiful and finally... crispy pork intestines. If you're not squeamish I'd recommend giving it a go. It's just crunchy and fatty really so if you like things like pork scratchings you'll like it!

Finally time for dessert. I don't always think of pudding at a Chinese restaurant but I'm missing a trick as the Lava Buns (£4) are delicious. It's just a simple bun, filled with a salted egg yolk but often that's all you need. Next to it is the Sesame Red Bean Ball (£4) which is filled with a red bean paste, also a nice little morsel.

Chung Ying Central

Photos by myself

Food and drink were complimentary

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