Sunday, 9 September 2018

Food: Wok to Walk

Style: Noodles     Price: £ (From £3.95)   Location: New Street, Birmingham

The location

There's a lot of these fast food noodle places in the city centre, so I was intrigued to see what could be different about Wok to Walk, the newest, appropriately located on New Street. The orange branding catches the eye, and you can see the chefs cooking and also how many seats are available. It's compact but they've used the space well.

Order at the counter and your meal is prepared in front of you. When you sit down, you'll find chilli sauce and clever wireless phone chargers at each table.

The food

This is a fast food, order at the counter type place. Pick your base from a variety of noodles, grains or just vegetables.
Next, choose as many meats, fish and veggies you would like with it and finally a sauce. The staff have lots of suggestions and recommendations. Each of the bases and toppings are clearly displayed to help you choose your meal.

The toppings are changed frequently for freshness, but waste is avoiding by only preparing as much as they need for each. At the end of the day, meals are handed out to the homeless in Birmingham, again avoiding food waste.

You pay £3.95 for your base and sauce and any toppings are extra. You could easily just pick one and have a tasty filling meal. I couldn't possibly pick just one: I had five. Peppers and cashews for crunch, pineapple for freshness and prawns and squid because I love seafood. It's a bit of a funny mix, but that's the joy of Wok to Walk: you can have whatever weird combination you like.

I chose the Bangkok sauce after recommendations from a staff member who said it went well with seafood.

 Your ingredients are handed to the wok chefs, who pan fry the ingredients to perfection. I had a go on the wok and it was such hard work!

Finally, my orange box of goodies was ready.

Yum! I added some crispy onions and herbs and a dollop of chilli sauce and spent a happy twenty minutes scoffing it. It's a generous portion, so I had plenty left to eat for my lunch the next day. It was a well-cooked meal, with lovely fresh ingredients and a tasty, coconut sauce. The chilli sauce was good and hot. My meal would have come to quite a large amount: I think around £10, but I had a lot of toppings. I could have added cashews and prawns and it would have come to around £7, but you could make it cheaper than that.

Wok to Walk is a quick, easy, reasonably priced place to grab a healthy meal. It would be great for lunch or for dinner before going to the cinema or theatre.

Wok to Walk

Photos by me

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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