Monday, 20 August 2018

Event: giffgaff game plan at Yorks Cafe

Style: Cafe and events space     Location: Brindley Place

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a bit of a different event. GiffGaff, the mobile phone company, have branched out into personal finance. It's all quite new at the moment, but they want to get the word out there about Game Plan. It's going to be an app and a website which helps you budget and meet goals, including a free credit report.

I've tried a few personal finance apps recently in an effort to improve my budgeting. I've always been ok month to month and at putting money away for a vague purpose; recently though I've been working on saving specifically for annual payments such as car insurance. When I paid my car insurance in full with no pain at all it felt amazing!

So I really support anything that gets people talking and thinking about money. They have quite realistic aims at the moment, such as encouraging people to have £500 saved at all times.

So why was I at Yorks Cafe to hear about this? To help promote the Game Plan wesbite and app, giffgaff have created a board game, which takes you from graduating at 21 to retirement. The person with the most money at retirement is the winner.

It reminded me a lot of Monopoly, in that you have to decide when to spend or save your money, there are cards which throw a spanner in the works or give you a bonus (think: Parents take you out for lunch, save £30 or Date Night, spend £50). I loved playing it and it definitely got us talking about finances. I don't think we should be embarrassed talking about money; it just causes problems. I'm a teacher and I'm point 5 on the payscale, you can pretty easily work out how much I earn if you like!

Now it wasn't just about the game, there was also a buffet to be eaten. Yorks Cafe are well known for their tasty food. This particular branch (at The Ikon Gallery) also serves up some amazing giant pizzas which I've been meaning to order for a while.

They put out a few so everyone got a generous slice, alongside some lovely big bowls of vegetables and coleslaw.

Thanks to everyone at giffgaff and Yorks at Ikon for a fun and memorable evening. Sadly the game isn't available to buy but you can sign up to giffgaff gameplan and get a free credit report.

giffgaff gameplan

Yorks at Ikon

Photos my own

Food and drink were complimentary as part of the event

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