Saturday, 9 June 2018

Food: The Ivy

People have been talking a lot about The Ivy. I can tell you right now that I've had two lovely breakfasts there. It's in a beautiful location and I'll get far more use out of it than Louis Vuitton, which was there previously. It's very pretty and it's the sort of place you could take your Mum. If I booked a table for lunch with my friends for a birthday or similar, we'd all have a very nice time.

It's been pretty busy and they do expect you to book. When you go through the doors, you're greeted by about 400 'hosts' who check your booking, offer to take your coat and show you through the door to your table. There's a lovely bar but not really any bar seating, which is a shame.

The downstairs is really beautiful, so pretty and old-fashioned. I felt like I was on holiday or in the past. I'm an absolute sucker for this style of decoration. The high ceilings made the noise of people chatting and the clatter of cutlery echo pleasantly.  The mezzanine level seems less pleasant to eat in as the ceiling is lower.

The first time I visited, for a blogger preview, we were in the private dining room. This was a lovely space, with views over pigeon park. It was light and airy and the table had lovely fresh flowers on it.

We were greeted with a choice of juices: Green Juice (£4) or Beet It (£4.50). I don't usually enjoy a green juice, but this mix of avocado, spinach, apple, celery, mint and parsley was refreshing and tasty. I like the paper straw too!

The Breakfast Pastries (£4.75) we were served to start were lovely and I now want a pastry starter at all fancy breakfasts. A variety of four pastries (some with chocolate, some plain, some with custard and jam within) were served alongside butter and jams. I had this on my second trip and it was lovely then too. I'm sure none of it is homemade, but you're not at The Ivy for a gastronomic experience. It's presented nicely and feels like a treat. 

Onto the main event: I chose Eggs Royale (£9.25). Two English breakfast muffins were topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs and Hollandaise. Now it's all very well me saying that The Ivy isn't really about the food, but if they can't poach eggs and the Hollandaise is crap then I'm not going back.

So- there was a good amount of salmon, the eggs were poached perfectly and the Hollandaise was lovely, just how I like it: a little acidic, thick and not too much of it.

I've headed back to The Ivy since, where I enjoyed the pastries again, sat downstairs in the lovely main room and ate more smoked salmon with scrambled egg. I'll definitely go back for breakfast and perhaps lunch, but I can't imagine going in the evening. Perhaps I'm wrong. Either way, I was very happy on both of my visits to The Ivy (paid and unpaid) with the service, food and location. My bill on the second occasion came to £17.72 for half the mini pastries, lots of tea and a large portion of smoked salmon and egg so you can't sniff at the price either. It's a shame there's no bar seating as I'd love to just pop in for a drink.

The Ivy, Temple Row

Food and drink were complimentary on my first visit for review purposes, I paid myself on the second occasion.

Photos are my own

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