Thursday, 3 May 2018

Drink: Birmingham Whisky Club

Style: Bar and whisky tasting lounge                  Price: ££ (Varies depending on what you're drinking)

Location: Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Vyse Street 

The Venue

Birmingham Whisky Club began in 2011 as a tastings company. I attended a few of their tastings upstairs at The Wellington and a couple of 'taste-a-long' films at The Electric. They were all very welcoming, open and interesting, with plenty of whisky! It's not my favourite spirit but I always enjoy how you can really taste the difference in taste depending on the process, the ageing and the ingredients. Through these tasting I've learnt that I like a peated whisky or rye and that I am not too fussed about the very expensive ones!

They recently opened a specialist whisky bar, technically inside the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, but with its own entrance. It's a relaxed and comfortable environment; you can pop in, peruse their amazing selection of whiskies, choose your own or be advised by Amy and her team. 

On each table you'll find bottles of water, glasses and pipettes so you can add water to the whisky or just have a glass to drink, which I love.

The drinks

Obviously there's a lot of whisky...

But you can also try one of their mixed drinks- they're not calling them cocktails, but they basically are. I like how they've clearly explained what goes into each and they're all fairly priced.

As well as whisky, there's a decent selection of other spirits, beers and ciders. I tried the Devon Mist, which is a gently sparkling cloudy cider.


The Whisky Club also has a lovely room for tastings now. An ambassador from a brand, or a specialist will share their knowledge, while talking you through the different whiskies.

I attended A Taste of Nikka and Kavalan, led by their brand ambassador.

Kavalan is a Taiwanese distillery and Nikka is Japanese. Both are relatively modern compared with Irish or Scottish distilleries and have interesting stories behind them. The group of whisky tasters were sat around a lovely wooden table, with our line up of whiskies in front of us, a list of what we would try and some water. Talking about the whiskies and trying them was interspersed with some of the history and a little technical detail.

Don't worry if you're not a whisky expert (I'm not, I could do a gin masterclass at this point but whisky is so complex)- you're not going to feel like an idiot. Drink the drink, think about the flavours, listen to what others have to say. On the other hand, those with more knowledge won't be bored or feel patronised. I've always found tastings at the Whisky Club to be perfectly balanced.

Check out the website for more events, happening regularly. Birmingham Whisky Club events. 

Birmingham Whisky Club

I was invited to the whisky tasting free of charge but I paid for other drinks myself .

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