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Food: Fiesta Del Asado

Style: Steak restaurant                       Price: ££                                 Location: Hagley Road, Edgbaston

The venue

Part of the Lasan group, Fiesta Del Asado is an Argentinian steak restaurant 5 minutes drive from Five Ways. Birmingham is home to some devout steak lovers, the majority of whom will point you in the direction of this restaurant for an excellent quality steak. Since my first visit, I've joined their ranks of admirers- and I don't even like steak! Last time I wrote about how good their fish was; today I'll be tackling their lamb.

I was visiting with food writer Paul Fulford and blogger Emma Stokes. An easy taxi ride slightly out of town, dropped me outside an elegant building. Inside feels like you have stepped out of the city centre and into somewhere a little more rustic. It's a cosy, intimate setting, which sounds buzzy and smells delicious.


Naturally for a steak restaurant, the focus is very much on red wines, though they have a good selection of white too. When I arrived, Emma and Paul had already chosen a bottle of Malbec, which was perfect to complement the red meat to follow. 


The starters looked lovely, with empanadas and grilled sausages featuring heavily. However, with the thought of a hearty meaty meal ahead of us, we decided to share some olives (£2.99) and padron peppers (£2.99). Padron peppers are one of my favourite things and these were piping hot and sharp from a squeeze of lemon. I loved that the olives were stuffed with little pickled guindilla peppers.

Onto the mains. Although I've tried the steak at Fiesta Del Asado and understand why ardent carnivores love it so, I simply can't bring myself to love steak in the way others do. I picked lamb, a much tastier meat, I believe.

The Costillas de cordero (£19.89) or grilled rack of lamb, comes as three neatly prepared, meaty lamb cutlets, beautifully seasoned and cooked in the same way as the steak: over an exciting flame grill. As with steak, they ask how you would like it cooked. I don't like my meat too rare so I asked for it cooked medium. When I cut in, the meat was still pleasingly tender but not bloody. Perfect.

Showing great attention to detail, the side salad is no after thought. I liked the lovely dressing that came with the salad, and the pieces of sweet potato I found nestled amongst the leaves.

For my side, I chose Papas criolla (£1.99) - roasted potatoes tossed in paprika and oregano. These had the crunchy/soft combination that you would expect and I enjoyed the seasoning.

Finally, dessert. I can't find the price online, but based on the rest of the meal, I don't think it could have been badly priced. I chose a Tarta de Santiago, made with almonds, and tasting a bit like a Spanish Bakewell Tart. It was served along the most beautiful honey ice cream.

Service throughout was excellent, with plenty of advice available where needed. I really love that Fiesta Del Asado don't fob off those who aren't steak fans with insipid dishes. They treat their food well here and that goes for all the dishes.

Fiesta del Asado

Meal was complimentary for review purposes, thanks to Paul for the invite. 

Photos are mine apart from those marked with an *

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