Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hotel Chocolat Cafe

Style: Shop and cafe   Location: New Street, Birmingham city centre

Price: ££

The shop

Before Christmas I was invited to the opening of a new Hotel Chocolat store on New Street. I've been a fan of the store for a while and often pop in to buy Christmas or birthday presents. They have excellent quality chocolate, nicely packaged and with interesting flavours.  

Don't think it's just chocolate though. You can get lovely gift sets such as chocolate fondue, gin and chocolate and massive hampers.

Yes, you heard me, gin! They have a cocoa infused gin, which has a proper juniper kick and isn't sweet like you'd imagine. For those with a sweet tooth, there's the delicious salted caramel vodka liqueur.

They've really branched out into making some interesting products, including cocoa infused skin care and delicious-sounding chutney.

The cafe

Christmas may be over but that doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself. If you're looking for a treat, I'd highly recommend heading to the back of the shop for ice cream, a brownie and a hot chocolate.

The ice cream (£3.25 for a full size, mine was a sample) is infused with cocoa nibs, which makes for some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Creamy, rich and delicious but not sickly like chocolate ice cream can be.

Again, the hot chocolate is the most delicious I've ever tried. They have such a vast array too. Not just standard 'hot chocolate' but milk, 100% dark, hazelnut, chilli (!) and seasonal varieties such as the salted caramel and clementine version that I tried. It was tasty, not sickly, made with proper chocolate as you can see below and topped with chocolate cream. Fantastic! (From £3.50)

For those wanting something a little lighter, they also have 'teaolat' drinks, like iced tea but infused with cacao- not all have tea in. I didn't get to try these but they sound intriguing. (£2.50)

As we left, we were all given a generous goodie bag, containing a large box of dessert-inspired chocolates, a brownie, a pot of delicious caramel chocolates and a chocolate infused tea bag.

Hotel Chocolat shop and cafe, Birmingham

Photos by Helen

Food and drink were complimentary, no blog post was required. 

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