Friday, 12 January 2018

Food: Yard and Coop, Manchester

Style: Casual dining                       Location: Manchester                      Price: £ (Around £9 for a main)

The venue

Finding myself in Manchester for an evening before getting a flight (I'm so glamorous), I checked Miss Pond's blog and found her review of Yard and Coop. As you can guess, they specialise in fried chicken, alongside a load of other chickeny goodness, sides and sauces.

They've decorated the place in the cutest way, half 1960's diner, half chicken coop, with modern touches. It's pretty large and airy (like a coop? I don't know, I'm not a chicken) with pretty fairy lights, a spacious bar and a buzzing atmosphere.

They were busy when I arrived but I was able to wait at the bar and have a Clover Club while waiting for the table.


An excellent drinks menu featured a good variety of cocktails (Clover Club, plenty of gin-based cocktails, sours). I was pleased to see several featured egg white, a clever touch considering the theme of the restaurant.

With my dinner, I chose a drink from the Premium Serve page. This term has come to be used for double shots of good quality spirit in a large glass with a mixer and appropriate garnish. I chose the Black Cow Vodka (£6.50) with bitters, tonic and a lemon garnish. Black Cow vodka is amazing stuff; it's actually made with milk, giving a peculiar but moreish taste to the spirit. It worked well with the tonic. A variety of other vodkas and gins are also available.

The food

There was no question: I had to have wings. They sell them by the basket with a choice of sauces: BBQ, the trendy Korea, super hot, hot honey and lime and my favourite Buffalo. I was almost swayed by Bees Knees (the honey one) but Buffalo won. The wings (£6 for 5 full wings) were juicy, good quality meat, tossed in spicy, tangy Buffalo sauce. I asked for some Blue Cheese dip (50p) on the side.

Amaizeballs (£3) because the name made me laugh: deep fried sweetcorn balls with peas, chilli and coriander. They weren't as sweetcorny as I would like. Mac and cheese balls were good but no longer seem to be on the menu.

I also had a side salad with tomato and onion, there's a feta and watermelon salad which sounds splendid too. If you fancy a burger, a wrap, some southern fried chicken, they've got that too.

I loved the atmosphere, the drinks and the tasty chicken. I would certainly head back next time I'm in Manchester.

Yard and Coop, Edge Street, Manchester

Photos by Helen

Food and drink were paid for myself and they did not know I would review. 

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