Monday, 8 January 2018

Blue Box Coffee

Style: Subscription box 

Price: ££ (From £7.99 per month) See the bottom of the post for discount.

In my last post, I wrote about treating yourself to hot chocolate but actually what many of us need in January is coffee.

I recently received a lovely email from a gentleman at Blue Box Coffee . They source excellent coffee from around the world and send you one or three packs of fresh coffee a month.

You can request beans or if you want it ground, you choose whether it's for a cafetiere, dripper or espresso. One coffee pack a month is £7.99 or a box of three is £16.99. This sounds expensive but it's far less than you'll pay picking up a take away coffee twice a week. Significantly better quality too.

I'd never considered knowledgeable about coffee (tea, yes) but even I could spot the difference in taste, texture and richness. Personally, I like a lighter, fruitier coffee so I appreciated the tasting notes, which went into great detail about where the beans came from and what impact this has on the final product, but also simplified by telling me to look out for hints of 'fig and cherry' or similar.

Above all, the coffee was excellent and has put every coffee I've had since to shame. I loved that every coffee was distinctly different and so fresh.

Discount for your first box

Blue Box Coffee 

Photos by Helen.

Coffee box was complimentary for review purposes. 

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