Sunday, 10 December 2017

Food: Boston Tea Party, Edgbaston

Style: Brunch, coffee shop    Location: Edgbaston

Cost: £ (Around £10 for a breakfast dish and hot drink)

The venue

Boston Tea Party is a chain of coffee shops which goes to great lengths to make its sites have that independent vibe. I'm confident most people recognise BTP as a chain and they certainly have stylish cafes so I don't really have a problem with it. I've previously visited the Birmingham site and I'm a much bigger fan of this new one in Edgbaston. I visited one morning for brunch and appreciated the way the different rooms in the elegant building all had their own individual character.

You enter into the main shop, with the counter, tills and menus, then there are separate rooms to either side. It wasn't full, but it was busy with mothers and babies, people having meetings and those like me treating themselves to a leisurely breakfast.

In the warmer months you can sit yourself outside too.


I wasn't a fan of the coffee at Boston Tea Party last time I tried it; it turns out sticking to the filter coffee is the best bet if you need the caffeine. They have a super range of loose leaf tea, which is more to my taste. On this occasion I chose Dragon Well green tea (£2.35) a fragrant and not-too-smoky drink, but there's plenty of other green and black teas and infusions.

It's worth checking the specials too. In the summer they had lovely iced drinks and juices, iced tea and lemonade so I imagine they have some super winter warmers too.

The food

Instagram is awash with images of Saturday brunches at Boston Tea Party. Looking at the menu, it's easy to see why: it's a varied menu with almost every breakfast dish you could wish for. From Full English to egg dishes, porridge, toast, granola, obligatory avocado- it's all there.

I picked one of my favourite breakfast dishes: smoked salmon and scrambled egg on sourdough (£8.50). This one came with avocado too for bonus hipster points. It didn't really add anything taste or texture-wise but it was good to have a bit of healthiness. There was plenty of salmon and I really appreciated the heat from the Tabasco sauce suggested by the staff member who brought the food over.

Edd chose the Chorizo Hash (£8.50) served with poached eggs, spinach, mushrooms and tomato. There's also a veggie option with a sweetcorn hash, which I'll be trying next time.

I enjoyed my breakfast at Boston Tea Party. The food was tasty with some nice touches, I enjoyed the range of teas available and the atmosphere was lovely.

Photos by Helen and Edd

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes

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