Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shop: T2 tea, Bullring

Style: Loose tea shop  Location: Bullring, Birmingham city centre

Cost: ££ (100g loose leaf tea approx £8)

The Venue

Situated just inside the Bullring, T2 really stands out with its black and orange branding. An Australian business who have been going for 20 years, they sell loose leaf tea and infusions, some tea bags, plus all manner of tea accessories, such as cups, travel mugs and flasks and infusers. 

The teamakers are absolutely fantastic. Simply spoon in your tea leaves, top with hot water and infuse as you would. The clever bit comes when you pop the teamaker on top of your mug, and watch as it strains through the bottom.

They sell a lot of tea paraphernalia and a lot of tea so I find the store a little overwhelming, particularly if you visit when it's busy. I suggest starting in the corner and working your way around the walls of tea! There's plenty of little tins to open so you can see and smell the infusions and teas.

If you treat yourself to one of their flasks, you can take it in each Friday and have it filled with a tea of your choice.

The tea

Wow, there's a lot of tea on offer here! Black, green, white tea, matcha, many infusions, for all occasions. They come in cute boxes and, as previously mentioned, there is a tin for you to open so you can give it a smell and see what's inside.

Go along to T2 and you'll be able to try any of the teas or infusions they currently have brewing. They're happy to talk to you about how best to brew your tea at home. I loved the advice to add a splash of cold water to your white tea as it's so much more delicate.

I was also shown how easy it is to make Iced Tea at home. Simply brew your tea with hot water as usual, then add ice. I left it in the fridge for a while and had myself a gloriously refreshing iced white tea several times this summer. Green tea also works excellently with a few slices of lemon.

I also enjoyed a delicious matcha tea, mixed with honey and almond milk- a comforting and healthy drink.

I'd really recommend getting along to T2 to investigate their offerings, pick up some Christmas presents and treat yourself to something too. Tea lovers will be overwhelmed!

Find at:

T2, Bullring, Birmingham

I tried a variety of drinks and was given a box of tea and a tea maker for review purposes

Photos by Helen

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