Sunday, 19 November 2017

Food: The Meat Shack, Birmingham

Style: Burgers   Location: Thorp St, Southside

Cost: £ (Around £16 for a burger, chips and a cider, less if you share the chips). 

The venue

Meat Shack were always my go-to street food vendor. Whenever they were at an event, their burgers are what I would choose. They'd managed to get the perfect oozy, meaty tasty burgers, with soft, shiny buns that stayed in one piece throughout. I was delighted to find they were opening up their own restaurant in Southside, near the Hippodrome.

They've joined forces with a bar- named Thorp 17 due to its street location- which you have to pass through before heading up the stairs to Meat Shack. They don't take reservations but you can sit in the bar and wait for a table.

When I visited at lunchtime on a Thursday, it was reasonably busy with local workers but I didn't have to wait. It's a simple room, with some features left over from the original use of the building I suppose, jazzed up with burger themed stencils and stickers on the wall.


A small and to the point drinks menu has a couple of beers and cider on draught, local Birmingham Brewing cans of beer, lots of soft drinks and a decent selection of wine by the glass or bottle. I chose a pint of Sharp's Orchard cider (£4.50), which isn't the most exciting cider in the world, but was cool and refreshing to have alongside my burger.


That's what you came for! The food menu, like the drinks menu, is simple and to the point, with burgers, chips and sides. There are specials available every so often and they seem to be adding more sides too.

I'm a massive fan of Buffalo sauce if you didn't already know, so I chose the Buffalo Blue burger (£8)- beef patty, blue cheese, American cheese, candy bacon crumb, salad, blue cheese dressing and Buffalo sauce. The Buffalo sauce was a perfect acidic foil to the richness of the beef. A delicious meaty, oozy proper burger.

I also shared some fries. As well as standard fries, you can get them with a variety of toppings. The fries are what you would expect, made excellent with the addition of Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing (£3.50)! It was completely necessary to have chips to mop up the burger juices too.

Keep an eye out for the Dutch Piggy (basically cheese and bacon with Dutch cheese) and Frickles (deep fried pickles) too.

I can't say it's particularly great for vegans but there is a veggie burger made with deep fried halloumi and mushroom, which sounds delicious.

Burger lovers everywhere will find something to enjoy at Meat Shack. I'll be heading back soon to try a non-spicy burger so I can truly appreciate the burger itself. Or perhaps I'll be tempted to go for the Buffalo Blue again as it's so good!

Find at:

The Meat Shack, Thorp Street, Birmingham

Food paid for myself

Photos by Helen

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