Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Restaurant at Broadway Casino

I've never been to a casino. They look pretty fun but I'd never considered visiting, even with Broadway Casino being ten minutes walk from me, at Broadway Plaza at Five Ways. I certainly hadn't considered that there would be an excellent Italian restaurant hidden within, featuring some of the best Italian food I've had outside of Italy.

Behind the gambling tables, you can find The Restaurant, newly refurbished and serving up beautiful market-fresh produce.

I settled down with some rich, buttery olives, crusty bread and olive oil and balsamic for dipping, alongside a glass of prosecco. The restaurant manager asked us to trust him, brought out a lovely bottle of white wine and left us to enjoy the nibbles.

When we think of Italian cuisine, we get caught up thinking of pizza and pasta, forgetting about the seafood, the vegetables (the vegetables!) the expert seasoning.

I was delighted to be presented with a plate of small seafood tasters: lightly battered calamari, a little seafood mix that made celery taste nice (somehow) prawn salad and octopus topped with a lovely egg yolk. All fresh, light and perfectly seasoned.

The main, again, stepped away from the usual Italian food tropes.

One side was beautiful, freshly made seafood ravioli in a lemon butter sauce.

On the other, perfectly cooked fish with courgette and potato. 

We were then given a little palate cleanser of frozen vodka and lemon before moving onto dessert.

Dessert was a delicious, creamy tiramisu with profiteroles and a glass of Amaretto.

After dinner there was the opportunity to try the 'fun' casino, which isn't for money. I was even able to try rolling the ball myself which is surprisingly tricky.

The staff are far more competent of course.

You can book in as groups for dinner and to have a go on the tables (either for fun or money)- perfect for Christmas parties and corporate events. 

The Restaurant at Broadway Casino

Photos my own.

Food and drink were complimentary to showcase The Restaurant. 

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