Friday, 1 September 2017

Food: Three Church Road, Birmingham

The Location

I wouldn't have expected to head to a retirement village in Edgbaston for a restaurant launch. It's important to remember that a retirement village isn't for 'old people'; it does what it says on the tin. Three Church Road is located within Audley St George's Place, a collection of flats and homes for people over 55, which seems terrifyingly young (younger than either of my parents in fact). The homes look beautiful and not cheap either. It makes sense that they would have a good quality restaurant on site too.

The restaurant is open to non-residents, with private rooms available for special events and afternoon tea.

The Food

I was able to try a number of samples from the menu and was impressed with the quality of the food, the presentation and the produce. Food is traditional British/European with a heavy dose of refinement.

Desserts impressed particularly. The yoghurt panna cotta and Mandarin Parfait were both absolute treats, though the jar made it a little hard to eat the panna cotta from.

The swimming pool

In the same building there's a nice little gym and pool with sauna, personal trainer etc too. The pool is on the small side but does not get too busy. I had such an urge to jump in! This is for the residents but you can join as a non-member. Membership of the health centre also gets you 10% off your food at the restaurant.

An interesting evening discovering what's behind the scenes just ten minutes from Five Ways. This would be a beautiful location for a special Afternoon Tea.

Three Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Food and drink were complimentary; a review was not required.

Photos by Helen and Edd.  

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