Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Wine Tasting at Harvey Nichols

I never thought Harvey Nichols had anything to offer me- I had the preconception of it being full of expensive clothes I don't need and can't afford. However, since it reopened as part of the new Mailbox development, I've found myself there several times- I had my hair put up for a wedding and I've popped into the bar for a cocktail on more than one occasion.

What I didn't know was that they have a fantastic Wine Shop and a wine expert in the form of Siofra O'Brien. She hosts complimentary 'Wine Wednesdays' where you can try two wines- check out the website for more information.

For a longer and more indepth session, you can attend a two hour wine tasting, which is just what I did on a warm Sunday afternoon.

I headed down the curving staircase to the stylish bar area. I was pointed towards the wine tasting area, slightly away from the buzz of the wine shop and the restaurant. Eight of us were sat around a U-shaped black table, with 6 glasses placed temptingly in front of us.

A cursory glance of the tasting menu told me that my first glass would be non-vintage champagne. All of the wines we tried were from Harvey Nochols own range and I was surprised at the reasonable prices- this bottle of champagne would be £29.50. Our wine expert Siofra gave us some helpful tips, such as the fact that there is no point in keeping non-vintage champagne, just drink it! Which inspired me to get going onto that Aldi champagne I'd been holding onto since Christmas.

Cleverly, two similar white wines (from different regions) were tasted together and then two similar reds. It was interesting to taste them next to each other and really experience the differences. So, I know I like a white wine which is smooth, gentle and not acidic, a red wine which has notes of cherries and vanilla.

Things were rounded off with a most quaffable India Cream Sherry. Such a good, fruity drink to sip with an amazing cheeseboard. The soft goats cheese, with the fruit cracker was one of the tastiest experiences of the year. I'd go back just for that.

I'd recommend these tastings to anyone who likes a glass of wine but is unsure what they like (like me!). Siofra is a very interesting woman to listen to and talk to about alcohol, the wines were fantastic and the cheese board was excellent. Check out the links below.

Harvey Nichols
Harvey Nichols wine tastings 

Photos by Helen and Edd.

The event was complimentary for review purposes. 

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