Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July in Food

Food photos from my phone in July. 

Presents from the kids

It's the end of the year which means I gain a lot of chocolate from the children in my class. I'm constantly surprised that the parents think to get me anything, but I do appreciate it, especially when it's something like stationery. As much as I complain about having soooo much chocolate to get through, it is pretty great. My favourite has been this box of Thorntons chocolates, including a delicious orange caramel and my favourite Viennese truffle.

Lo and Be Cold.

Remember when I had Thai ice cream rolls in New York last summer? I'm happy to say they've turned up in Birmingham now. On the link between Bullring and Grand Central, you can find the Lo and Be Cold pop up. There's about four sundae type creations to choose from or you can make your own up. Order at the till (mine was £4.50) and then wait til your order is called. Your ice cream will be created from cream and fresh fruit, chilled, scraped and rolled to perfection. I chose the Batoffee Popcorn, which was banana ice cream with toffee popcorn, banana and salted caramel sauce.

Check out the New York post linked above and Lo and Be Cold's instagram for more on how they're made.


I have a whole post coming about this shop in the Bullring soon, but I wanted to share my favourite tea of the moment with you- this is a white tea, with cocoa nibs and coconut and it's such a refreshing treat. Look out for a post with more about T2 soon.

National Chicken Wing Day

Well I couldn't miss out on this could I? Last Saturday (29th) saw National Chicken Wing day arrive. I assume it's an American day but I can get involved. I had these pre-made wings from Lidl which weren't the best I've ever had- not very crispy as you could imagine. The sauce was good and spicy but next time I will stick to making my own.


Any excuse for a party! Some friends came round to watch the men's Wimbledon final and drink lots of Pimms and eat a picnicnky lunch of cheese, olives, bread and cured meats.

Treats in the weekly shop

I do my weekly online shop at Ocado, which makes me sound very fancy and I always find myself justifying it- it's no more expensive, the drivers can always find me, the date ordered receipt is very helpful etc etc. I'm pretty good at sticking to the budget but I manage to get some treats in there, such as...

Beautiful Isle of White tomatoes

My favourite bedtime tea...

Excitingly flavoured bags of crisps...

Trying out cheap versions of things that are usually expensive...


I was at Strada last week, staring at the menu and I realised that all I wanted were the chilli and garlic king prawns from the starters. So I ordered that and a salad and it was just what I wanted. I've always been a fan of ordering a starter and a side to create your own perfect meal. Add an Aperol Spritz and you've got a happy Helen.

Photos by me on my phone.

Food and drink were paid for by me or Edd or a gift (apart from the T2 tea). 

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