Saturday, 26 August 2017

Budapest in Food- Where to eat in Budapest

In the style of 'Month in Food' today we have 'Budapest in Food'. I spent a week in the Hungarian capital and loved the youthful vibe and the food. The food! Here's some of my best bits, taken on my phone camera.

Strudels in the Castle Hill district

My Lonely Planet guide suggested finding this little hole in the wall when I was mooching around the Castle Hill district in the Buda side of the river. I tried cabbage, cheese and apple strudels. A German family turned up and started singing in harmony as they cut up their strudels to share. I'm hoping the song was about strudel.

Langos at Budapest Zoo

Langos is a traditional Budapest street food: essentially a flat, unsweetened donut, topped with sour cream and cheese (though you can get other toppings, much like pizza, except they aren't hot and melty). I had this at the zoo, so it probably wasn't the best I could have had. This was an odd experience. It really shouldn't be good but I couldn't stop eating it... You'd definitely crave one of these at 3am after a fair few palinka shots.

Hachapuri Georgian Restaurant 

I have an actual blog post planned on this but for now, just know that Georgian food is excellent and they claim to have invented wine.

Zing Burger

Budapest is into its street food burgers as much as we are and Zing Burger is considered to be the best. They have a van at Karavan but have also opened a couple of stores. I walked past this place every day until I couldn't take the delicious smells anymore and popped in for lunch. They've gone for a casual order-at-the-counter vibe. I picked a street burger with chili mayo, cheese and pickles and chips for around £4.50, plus a delightfully cool bottle of local beer. It had that ooze you want from a street food burger and it was fun to drink a beer with it.


If you're into your street food then Karavan is a must-visit.  A little gathering of street food vendors, a bar, fairy lights and plenty of seating. I picked a bread cone full of sausage, cabbage and bacon and it may have been my food highlight of the holiday.


I also had a 'chimney cake', a somewhat phallic looking creation which is cooked over coals. You can get them filled with all sorts of stuff but I went simple.

More Budapest posts coming soon!

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