Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bar + Block, Birmingham

Bar + Block is now offering a bottle of Prosecco for £15 all day on Fridays. The easy-going steak restaurant is situated on Waterloo Street, just off Cathedral Square, better known as Pigeon Park. It's within the Premier Inn but has a separate entrance and is open to the public.

When you're sat down, you'll be given a tub of the loveliest popcorn known to carnivores- beef dripping. This stuff is so tasty you'll want to scoop it straight out of the popcorn machine.

The prosecco appeared in a fancy contraption that clipped onto the edge of the table, worrying me slightly throughout the meal, but it did the job.

Although I could have just eaten the popcorn all evening, I thought Id better order something substantial. My Dressed Crab (£7.95) was a huge portion- an entire crab shell full of light and dark crab meat, a huge wedge of lettuce and some lovely heritage tomatoes. The crab was simple and let the flavour of the seafood shine through and it was actually quite nice to have the refreshing lettuce. I didn't bother much with the mayonnaise; it wasn't necessary for me.

Edd's Gammon and Pineapple Scotch Egg (£5.95) was a nice twist on the scotch egg due to the tropical salsa.

Both of these were on the 'Grazing Plates' section, which suggested three between two people, tapas style. If you're going to have a steak afterwards you really don't need three of these as they were pretty large. Just treat them like normal starters.

I think there must have been a sale on heritage tomatoes as they featured heavily on my main too. This isn't a complaint: I'm always delighted to see seasonal produce and heritage tomatoes from the Isle of Wight have been one of my favourite treats this year.

I wasn't planning to go for steak but my eye was caught by the special. My Infused Flash Fried Steak (£18.95) was topped with a bacon, rocket and heritage tomato salad and came with a promise to be under 600 calories, not something you'd expect at a steak restaurant. The steak was very thin, tasty and juicy but not too rich. I know I'm a Bad Foodie (take my Foodie card from me) but I don't care for steak and I can't handle it even medium rare. It makes me feel tired and heavy and like I want to just go to sleep.

I still found this rather filling but a great deal easier to eat than your usual steak. It had been marinated in something garlicky and delicious and it was a treat to have all those tomatoes.

This also came with your choice of a wine, beer or cocktail. I chose the cocktail, which was raspberry vodka and lemonade. (Usually £6.99)

Edd chose the Tira de Ancho (£25.95) a 14oz spiral cut rib eye with a garlic, parsley and chilli marinade. I like a rib eye steak; I find it flavoursome without being too heavy. The marinade was very tasty indeed and the chips were excellent- big, chunky and cooked in beef dripping. I had a couple, just to ruin the 600 calorie promise.

I was feeling full after my dinner but I had to try the Churros Sundae (£5.95) because it was so silly. Lemon sorbet, vanilla ice cream and lemon curd were topped with cream and stuck in a jar with two great big churros sticking out of it. It isn't going to win any great taste awards but it was good fun. You could definitely share this. 

Edd stuck to the sensible option of Sticky Toffee Pudding(£5.95) which was sticky and tasty as it should be.

Overall a very tasty meal. I'd recommend drinks and a well priced steak at Bar + Block and definitely definitely have the popcorn. Pop (see what I did there) along on a Friday and treat yourself to prosecco for £15.

Bar + Block, Waterloo Street, Birmingham

 Photos by Helen and Edd.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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