Friday, 4 August 2017

Aperitivo at Harvey Nichols

I loved Aperitivo when I was in Italy- buy a cocktail and then nibble on meats, cheese and bread, all included in the price. I'm happy to say that some UK restaurants and bars have started picking up on this tradition, serving spritz cocktails and Italian nibbles for a set price.

There's a range of aperitifs available on the Harvey Nichols Aperitivo menu, including a couple of spritz. An aperitif is a cocktail you imbibe before dinner; it should be bitter or sharp and is supposed to get the palate ready for food. A spritz is a long, sparkling aperitif- my instagram is full of wine glasses filled with Aperol Spritz (that's Aperol, an orange aperitif, prosecco and soda water).

We picked the Italicus Spritz and an Isabella. Italicus is a new spirit, which uses a recipe from the 1800s. Made with begamot, chamomile, lemon and lavendar, this is a fragrant and unusual spirit. Harvey Nichols served it with rose liqueur, lavendar syrup and lemon bitters to bring out these flavours, then topped it with prosecco. Fragrant, but not sweet, this long drink was a taste of summer.

The Isabella was a short, rum-based cocktail, with rum, plum liqueur, ginger and lime. This time, bold, sharp flavours awakened the palate.

Aperitivo isn't Aperitivo without some nibbles! A board of delicious treats was brought over to us, including the most tasty bruschetta, cured meats, olives, tomatoes, cheese and artichoke- a veggie option is available.

Aperitivo Hour is from 5pm-7pm (though the menu actually said til 9) in the bar at Harvey Nichols. You can get two cocktails, including spritz, bellinis and more, plus a delicious antipasti board.

It runs until the end of August- get along now!

Harvey Nichols Birmingham

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes.

Photos by Helen and Edd. 

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