Monday, 17 July 2017

Tapas Revolution

I've been a big fan of Tapas Revolution since they came to Birmingham with Grand Central. I liked the simple and consistent menu and the casual feel. How could they improve? Why, with cocktails of course.

I went along to sip some of the new creations along with some tapas. What could be better?

The cocktails are Spanish twists on classics, made with good quality alcohol and not overly reliant on fruit juice. First, a Pimento and Mandarin Daquiri (£8.50) and a Sparkling Rose Margarita (£7.50). The Daquiri is rum, mandarin and melon and allspice liqueur. The Margarita was tequila, Aperol, rose water, lemon sherbet and raspberry fizz. Both were zingy, fruity and summery with plenty of alcohol.

Second round of drinks were the Blood Orange and Cherry Royal (£7.50) and a Veterano Julep (£8). The former is gin, lemon and the allspice liqueur, topped with Cava. This was splendid and really unusual.
The Julep was made with Brandy, strawberry and pomegranate. This one was a little too fruity for me. I prefer something stronger.

To line the stomach, there was tapas, of course. My favourite Padron Peppers (£4.95) cod with capers and sun dried tomato,  a seasonal salad with peas, potato, asparagus and egg.

More must-trys: octopus with sauteed potato and lots of paprika, super crispy pork belly in a rich, sweet and spicy sauce.

I always enjoy my trips to Tapas Revolution. The food is consistently good, fresh and feels authentic. I shared five tapas dishes and this was plenty for a summer dinner. Expect to pay around £6 per dish and you can be in and out in an hour.

Tapas Revolution

Photos by Helen and Edd

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes.

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