Thursday, 27 July 2017


One of the best things about blogging is the people you meet. A recent event organised by the wonderful Birmingham Bloggers matched us up with a fellow blogger and sent us off for dinner at Siamais. I was delighted to be paired with Tasha (of Nutella Tasha) one of my favourite people I've met through blogging. When I arrived at Siamais, I was pleased to find that Caramel Latte Kiss and Bite Your Brum were joining us also.

The location for our double date was Siamais, a new Thai restaurant in Oozells Square, Brindley Place. The restaurant is decorated in a pleasingly modern way; I loved those basket lamp shades. There is a large bar with outdoor seating and the restaurant is carefully separated, meaning you wouldn't feel strange about just popping in for a drink.

First we ordered some cocktails. Siamais sets itself apart from other Thai restaurants with its cocktail menu. The focus is on good quality spirits, some nods to Thai culture (expect to see lychee) and, above all, theatricals. So my River Kwai (£8) appeared in a ceramic pot, bubbling and smoking. A 'whisky and lychee' cocktail, this was sweet and easy to drink, but not one I'd go for again. My second cocktail, a Thai 75 (£9.95) was much more to my taste: Gin, lemon juice and champagne made for a sharp and refreshing longer drink.

Onto the food. Things are kept more simple here, which is as it should be. There was lots to choose from: my eyes were wondering towards the Tom Kha soup or Thai Fish Cakes but in the end I chose one of my favourite Thai dishes: Chicken in Pandan Leaves (£7.50). Chunks of chicken are marinated in herbs and spiced, wrapped in Pandan leaves and baked. This makes for the most succulent chicken. Please don't eat the leaves!

This was served with a sweet chilli dip, but I found the chicken moist and flavoursome enough without it.

For my main, I knew I wanted prawns, though I was momentarily distracted by the idea of sweet and sour chicken: something I haven't had for years. But there were so many prawn dishes that I just had to have one. I went for the one I wouldn't usually choose and I'm glad I did: Stir Fried Prawns with Garlic (£11.95) was sticky, sweet and tangy, the prawns were perfectly cooked and the rice soaked all the sauce. I would go back to Siamais just for this dish.

Before dessert, we were invited up to the bar to witness the creation of one of their showstopper cocktails. The Bang Pai Falls (£18.50) is designed to be shared and was perfect between four of us. Containing over proof rum, Maraschino liqueur, vanilla and cranberry, it's cleverly set alight and poured into a big, smoking skull. It's kind of silly, but good fun and deceptively strong, despite tasting like cake.

Thanks to Tom for making the drink for us (who I used to work with at the cinema, it's a small world isn't it).

Time for my second cocktail, which I talked about earlier, and to choose dessert.

Picking dessert was tricky. I wanted to keep things light and fresh but the chocolatey, carameley things were calling to me. I ignored their cries and went for Thai Sticky Rice (£5.95) served with slices of mango and mango ice cream. This was a nice, sweet end to the meal but not something I would order again.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Siamais. It's a lovely place to spend time, the cocktail menu is extensive and the garlic prawns are wonderful!


Photos by Helen.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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