Saturday, 15 July 2017

The final New York post

In which I finally get chicken wings, feel like I am dying from the heat and experience JET LAG.

I can't believe it took me ten days to have Buffalo wings in New York. I think I had an idea in my head of trying 'different' things when realistically I should just have what I want. 

So on the final lunchtime in New York, we headed to Dan and John's in the East Village. The menu was simple: choose wings or boneless bites and then pick your sauce. I chose the hot Buffalo sauce, which had a kick but wasn't crazy hot. There was plenty of juicy meat to eat but the skin wasn't as crispy as I'd like. 

For crispyness I would go for the boneless bites, which Edd had. He had the hot BBQ sauce, which was fantastic. I wish I could go back now and try all the options!

The Lowline

I talked about the Highline but less known is the plan to convert a disused subway station into an underground park. It's quite simple at the moment but so interesting to see how they plan to collect and use sunlight to grow the plants. Check out Lowline Lab for a better explanation than I could give you.

It was beautiful but I didn't take much in as I was suddenly feeling disgustingly hot and like I might pass out at any moment. Time to head back to the airbnb for water and sleep.

The flight was overnight. I couldn't sleep but everyone else did. I watched a film and watched the sun rise out of the window.

Back home, I tried not to sleep but I did have a little nap. Deliveroo half roast chicken from Cau was well deserved.

And the last of my New York posts. Watch out for more travel posts soon!

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