Sunday, 21 May 2017

New York Day Nine

Mexican Brunch at La Contenta

In which I ended up eating nachos and drinking cocktails at breakfast.

Mimrosa ($7) was a combination of prickly pear puree and hibiscus flower reduction, topped with sparkling wine.

Then onto a Mijito ($7) essentially a mojito but with tequila not rum.

Crunchy nachos were served with a mild green sauce and were perfect to soak up the booze.

Edd chose the ubiquitous Torta Cubana ($13) a pork belly, ham, cheese, avocado and pickle sandwich, served with patatas bravas.  

Meanwhile, I made a bit of an odd choice by having Chilaquiles ($13) essentially lots of nachos baked with cheese, chipotle salsa and onions and topped with fried eggs. This was good fun stodgy food but I'm looking at the menu and wondering why I didn't go for garlic prawns or fish tacos.

American Museum of Natural History 

It's certainly a beautiful building and a famous landmark. I'll be honest: I found the whole place a little old fashioned. The stuffed animals in display cases looked tired to me and like every school trip I've seen in US films.

I did enjoy the dinosaurs and fossils and I was interested in the Native American display as this isn't something you'd find at home. However, it was busy and the 'pay what you feel' thing is awkward. Hurrah for free entry to museums at home.

It was day nine and I was starting to feel a little sluggish. Burgers and beers at Benson's helped with that!

La Contenta
American Museum of Natural History

Photos by Helen and Edd.
Everything paid for ourselves. 

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