Friday, 19 May 2017

New sandwich menu at Buffalo and Rye

I recently visited Buffalo and Rye, the tiny American-style joint on Bennett's Hill, to try their new lunch time menu. For approximately £7.50 you get a gorgeous big American sandwich, a side of fries and a wine, beer or soft drink. Prices go up or down a little depending on what you've ordered.

While I was waiting for my food I tried a cocktail from their selection of whisky drinks. I tried Jim's Cherry Cola (£6.50) made with Jim Beam bourbon, cherry brandy, lemon juice and cola syrup. A fun but strong short drink.

Time to try the sandwiches from the new lunch menu. These aren't any old sandwiches- they're full of oozy, melty fillings on top quality toasted bread.

Highlights include: St Louis Gerber (£7.75) ham, gherkins and melted smoked cheese.

Buffalo Rueben (£7.50) pastrami, emmental, sauerkraut and gherkins.

The Hot Brown (£7.75) aka everyone's favourite. Pulled smoked turkey, bacon, bechamal sauce, BBQ sauce, baked on sourdough bread. A salty, tangy mess of deliciousness.

Chicken Po'Boy (£6.95) A classic Louisiana sandwich of buttermilk chicken, smoked mayo and salad in a 'sub'. The chicken was delightful but I found the bread a little dry and needed more mayo-unusual for me.

Crayfish and Smashed Avocado (£7.25) One of my favourite lunchtime flavour combinations, well seasoned and served on Peel and Stone bread because it's the Birmingham law to sell at least one piece of Peel and Stone bread. For good reason.

French Dip (£7.95) This is now a well known sandwich in the UK but a couple of years ago it wasn't common outside of the US. Salt cured beef, cheese and caramalised onions on a firm sub roll, with a sexy gravy dip.

There's also a vegetarian Pimento Cheese roll, with peppers and tomato jam and a Caesar Salad. All sandwich prices include fries and an alcoholic or soft drink. I know where I'll be in the school holidays!

Buffalo and Rye

Photos by Helen

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes.

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