Thursday, 20 April 2017

New York Day Eight

Bar Bacon

Bar Bacon: it does what it says on the tin. A classic New York City bar, serving up some excellent beers and a food menu specialising in bacon. It's over in Hell's Kitchen, so not far from Midtown.

We stumbled in late afternoon and were warmly greeted. Perusing the menu was difficult, but one thing had to happen- the beer and bacon flight. ($21).

Four local beers were bought to us- all American craft beers; light and refreshing and perfect with the salty bacon.

About that bacon...

There were four types- two cured, one maple and one jalepeno. The two different cured bacons were salty and tasty enough but the other two stand out in the memory more. It was great fun trying the different bacon and beer.

At this point in the holiday I'd been over-indulging rather a lot and wanted to try and pick something lighter from the menu. Difficult as you can imagine, but I went with a lovely salad with lots of bacon (of course) and pancakes. It was still massive but at least I got some greens in there.

Meanwhile, Edd chose a giant Lamb Bacon Reuben sandwich, which came with 'potato chips' too.

It was hard to resist having a bacon infused cocktail. Yes there was a meaty, smokey note, but both were complimented by the alcohol used. You wouldn't want more than one but it was good fun.

Top of the Rock

When visiting New York, there is an understandable urge to get to the top of a very tall building. There are a number of options: a rooftop bar, the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock. I went for the Top of the Rock as it's cheaper than the Empire State Building and you can actually see the Empire State!

You have to book your time slot on the website. I booked for around 6pm which was a good time as it wasn't too busy. It was an overcast day but the view was good.

Bar Bacon

Top of the Rock

All food and drink paid for ourselves.

Photos by Helen and Edd. 

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