Sunday, 30 April 2017

New menu at The Stable

I've been a fan of The Stable on John Bright Street since it opened about a year and a half ago. Super thin crispy pizzas, lots of cider, a casual atmosphere and reasonable prices: what's not to like?

I went along to drink lots of fruity blush cider (it doesn't usually come in the flute but it should!) and to try some items from the new menu. As well as pizza there were salads and meat and cheese to try.

Ooh how I love a meat and cheese board! What do you mean, 'share'? At The Stable you can get a meat board, cheese board or mixture of both, available for 2 or 4 to share at £12 per pair. We tried some fabulous cured ham and melty goats cheese amongst other items, including crackers, chutney etc.

We tried such a vast array of pizzas that I couldn't possibly speak about them all. The new Big Jerk (£12.50) is jerk chicken with bacon, spring onion, peppers and red onion and was popular around the table. I loved the bold flavours and how colourful it looked!

One of the reasons I believe The Stable is so popular is that it provides so well for those with dietary requirements. There's plenty for meat eaters and veggies alike and the vegan menu is just the other side of the standard menu. I'm told the dairy free cheese is excellent. I've tried the gluten free base and did not notice a difference.

As well as a great range of pizzas, I really recommend their new salads. You might raise a few eyebrows among your friends ordering a salad in a pizza restaurant but I've done it since and I'll do it again. A good salad is a big bowl of delicious little bits, which fills you up but makes you feel good. I tried the spice rubbed chicken with bulgar wheat and the smoked salmon with avocado and pickled cucumber. Much like the pizzas, the ingredients are fresh and tasty and there's plenty of them.

Another of my favourite things to have at The Stable is a cider board! This is a plank of five 1/3 pints of cider- usually a mixture of sparkling, cloudy and flavoured. For £7.50 you get a good amount of cider and get to try something new. Particularly good if you have one style that you tend to stick to as you can discover something new. The Stable are thinking about starting cider masterclasses too so look out for those.

The final genius idea I tried was cider sorbet. Just as tangy yet creamy as you would hope.

I had a super evening trying some different dishes at The Stable. I really recommend it as an easy, casual place to pop into and enjoy some good food and cider.

The Stable

Photos by Helen and Edd.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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