Sunday, 19 March 2017

New menu at Rofuto

Rofuto is the Pan Asian restaurant at the top of Park Regis hotel at Five Ways. I had a lovely meal there last year when it first opened. The views are fantastic, the food is interesting and it feels a bit glamorous. I also visited on a Saturday night, when I enjoyed the food but found the atmosphere a bit loud- I like to concentrate on my food!

So I was interested to head back to taste the new menu with a group of fellow bloggers. We were sat at a large table together, near the open kitchen. It was fun to watch our food being prepared.

After a lovely glass of Reisling, I chose a gin based cocktail, which was a little sweet, fragrant and cold. We then settled in to try a series of delicious tasters from the new menu. 

First: Tom Yum Soup. A fragrant and delicately spiced broth-style soup, with baby corn, shiitake mushrooms, tofu and basil. Broths can be a little dull, but the chilli heat and the lovely ingredients made this a treat.

Sea Bass Tiradito is finely sliced raw sea bass. Google tells me Tiradito is Peruvian, influenced by Japanese immigrants. Oh yes I can read the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article. Anyway, it's essentially sashimi, which I love. Of course you have to like raw fish to enjoy this dish. I found it a little sweet and enjoyed the contrast of the creamy passion fruit and tiger's milk dressing. Again, tiger's milk is a Peruvian word: a citrus based marinade.

One of the most exciting courses was sweetly named Japanese Woods- charcoal grilled eel with salsify and black garlic. It was beautifully presented and I loved the strong charcoal flavour.

Dim Sum Platter with different soy sauces and dips. Scallop Shumai, Beef and Foie Gras Gyoza and Mushroom Spring Rolls. I was a fan of the rich mushroom spring roll particularly but they were all good. We all thought this would make a good starter between two.

Onto the mains. We were brought a selection of the mains:

Red Roast Baby Chicken, in a tasty, slighty sweet sticky sauce.

Chilean Seabass- beautifully presented, with lots of veggies and a good kick of ginger.

Korean Spiced Red Pepper Lamb Chops- I do love a spicy lamb chop but I found this a little awkward to cut into.

Sesame Tuna Tataki was beautiful slices of seared tuna flavoured with sesame and pine nut, apple puree and crispy apple slices. This was lovely.

Finally, an exciting, if possibly gimmicky, dessert. Miracle Berry is a real berry which affects the taste buds, making everything taste sweeter. It had been dusted over the tart citrus dessert in powder form and after a while, the sharpness in the sorbet did soften.

Price wise, Rofuto isn't cheap, with mains being over £20. Small plates and sushi are more affordable though you do not get a giant portion. You are paying for beautiful ingredients, the lovely view and to experience some different food. I'd recommend visiting on a week night, sharing some sushi and small plates and indulging in a cocktail or two while enjoying the view.


Photos by Helen.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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