Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January in Food

Bits and bobs from January- taken on my shiny new phone! If you like this sort of post you should follow me on instagram, where I'm always sharing pictures of my dinner.

Lots of tea

Dim Sum at China Court

Ting took us to China Court and ordered tea and dim sum. Some things I had tried before but there were new items to me such as kongee, dough stick dumplings and sticky rice parcels.

I felt full and happy afterwards!

Byron Burger

I've been to Bryon before and had a chicken burger so this time I chose a beef burger. I like the atmosphere in there and loved the pickle on the side. The crispy onion on top was something different. I'd recommend sharing chips; one portion is plenty for two.

M&S salads

Need I say more?

Quarter Horse Coffee

White tea and a ham and cheese croissant. The croissant was delicious but so rich.


Brunch at York's last weekend turned more into cake and a matcha latte because they were out of salmon

Buffalo and Rye via Deliveroo

Because I just really wanted some buffalo wings. Had to add extra hot sauce- the sauce wasn't as good as I remembered.


I just love coming home from work and cooking something needlessly complicated. Most of them end up on my instagram stories, so give me a follow and laugh at me dropping things.

Photos by Helen.

Everything paid for myself apart from the dim sum; thanks Ting.

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