Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New York Day Four

 It was Saturday in New York and I didn't fancy tackling the brunch scene so we had bagels and orange juice at the apartment. We spent some time lounging about watching netflix and then headed out to get pizza for lunch.

One of my food-to-do's in New York was to get a slice of pizza. Don't worry, I'd watched enough youtube videos to know that you have to fold it up to eat it.

Our nearest pizza slice joint was Stanton Street Pizza, which I'd seen on the Fung Bros youtube channel. Edd went for a ridiculous meat feast type thing and I chose a mozzarella and basil slice which was beautiful and amazing. They were like $3 each. Definitely the cheapest meal of my New York trip.

New York pizza is definitely a specific style. I liked that the crust was nice and thin but the topping were pleasingly generous. Loved the creamy cheese and that there wasn't an over-reliance on sauce.

After all the pizza, a walk and a subway ride into midtown to check out Grand Central Terminal.

It seemed weird to be going to specifically look at a train station, but it's such an iconic building and, in an expensive city, something you can do for free.

It made me think of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but obviously there's many more to choose from.

It's a gorgeous building to mooch about and admire but what I really wanted to find was the whispering gallery next to the Oyster Bar. If you stand in the corner diagonally away from someone else you can talk into the wall and have a conversation with each other. Obviously you look ridiculous but it's great fun.

For dinner, I'd made a reservation at The Fat Radish, just because it describes itself as British cuisine so I needed to go for the lols. I genuinely enjoyed my food as it was very veg-heavy but their version of duck fat chips was hilarious. Look at my August in food post for more.

Stanton Street Pizza
Grand Central Terminal
The Fat Radish

Photos by Helen and Edd.

Everything paid for ourselves. 

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