Saturday, 7 January 2017

New York Day Five

Sunday! I was excited because Sunday meant a trip to Brooklyn for Smorgasburg. Smorgasburg is a regular street event, held at a variety of venues, including Prospect Park, Brooklyn on a Sunday. Think Digbeth Dining Club but in the sun, in a giant park and with way more traders (DDC is great though). 

It was very hot and I found the amount of traders quite over-whelming. All the food you could think of and more. I wanted something trendy, something I couldn't get at home.

Edd chose a confit duck bun, which smelled amazing.

I walked around a couple of times, trying to choose wisely. Naturally, Buffalo wings were calling to me but I was feeling annoyingly un-hungry, so I needed to pick something light.

So I chose 2016-does-sushi dish POKE from East Coast Poke. I'd seen this on the instagrams and loved the idea.

Poke is basically deconstructed sushi in a bowl. I think a lot of people would roll their eyes at this but I loved it- yummy fresh tuna, lots of seaweed and sticky rice and plenty of sesame seeds. I added sriracha too because I love the heat. Such a lovely lunch for a hot, hot day.

Oh, Yo Sushi do this now- I'm so ahead.

We spent a little time wondering about looking at the other food on offer. Look at that pork! This was Goa Taco, which we will come back to later...

We'd got the subway over to Brooklyn so we could walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan.

It's a must-do in New York, though make sure you do Brooklyn-New York for the views. It's a slightly weird experience because there's so many other people there and you kind of shuffle along, trying to find somewhere to take a good photo and not be in other people's way.

Look at this guy in the background trying to steal my colour scheme.

I think I look like a badass with my camera and my Ray Bans but you can look at the nice view if you'd like.

Made it to Manhattan and headed over to get the Staten Island Ferry.

Great posing there.

The Staten Island Ferry is very important. One- it is FREE. Two- You get a great view of the Statue of Liberty for FREE. Three- You can pretend you are in the episode of Girls where Adam and Ray go to Staten Island to return a dog to its owner. I'll be honest, I spent a lot of time in New York pointing out things from films and TV. FOUR- You can pretend you've been on a cruise and you're approaching New York.

Also the views.

After some more time drinking bottles of American cider and watching more episodes of New Girl on Netflix, it was time to grab a quick meal.

Remember the delicious pork from earlier? As I said that was Goa Taco. Goa Taco started as a street food vendor (and still is) but now has a store in the Lower East Side, conveniently placed near to my Airbnb.

They sell a fun twist on tacos, with flaky, buttery paratha flatbread instead of a taco. They have the most delicious fillings- I went for melty soft pork belly with red cabbage. We had some nachos too with the most delicious salsa verde.

I went maybe a little over the top and had a hazelnut chocolate churro too. What a treat!

A splendid day in the big city.

East Coast Poke
Brooklyn Bridge
Staten Island Ferry
Goa Taco

Photos by Helen and Edd.

Everything paid for ourselves. 

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