Monday, 16 January 2017

New opening: Varanasi

Before Christmas, a new restaurant called Varanasi opened on Broad Street. But it's not quite what you'd expect from this part of town. The press release promised a giant, underground, opulent Indian dining 'experience'. I'll be honest, I was worried it would be a case of style over substance but as far as I can tell I was wrong.

We were able to have a tour around, try some cocktails and a few nibbles. We had to walk through a long corridor from reception and were let in to the upstairs bar where there was a waterfall, believe it or not.

After a lovely glass of champagne, I tried one of their cocktails: a lychee martini, with rose syrup. I wasn't sure of the point of the rose syrup as it just sunk to the bottom and couldn't be drunk. This was a pleasant enough (if rather sweet) drink and looked pretty but I hope they have some more grownup cocktails on the menu.

A tour showed me two large restaurant areas and some private dining rooms, all decorated in a lavish fashion which isn't quite to my taste but is appropriate to the theme and isn't too cheesy.

 As for the food, it was only canapes and there wasn't a huge variety. However, I did enjoy everything I tried. Everything was well presented and was delicately spiced. I'd be very happy to see what the main menu is like based on these little snacks.

I enjoyed my evening at Varanasi. The decor is good fun and the private dining rooms would be the perfect place for a celebration meal. I'll look forward to heading back for a proper meal.

Varanasi, Broad Street

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes.

Photos by Helen and Edd. 

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