Sunday, 1 January 2017

Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen is inside Debenhams but it's better than you'd expect from a department store restaurant. It's a relaxed pan-Asian restaurant with huge windows which let in plenty of light during the day.

I visited before for Asian Afternoon Tea which was a delight. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the twist on afternoon tea and the lightness of everything.

I returned for dinner a few weeks ago. As it's in Debenhams, you won't be able to have a late dinner- I had a booking at 7pm and when we left at 8pm, the shop was closing and we had to be escorted out through an exciting side door.

I guess we were feeling greedy as we went for a sharing board to start.

The Fried Starter Platter (£20.50) is for two people but you could definitely split this between four or even just have it between two as a main, plus some pak choi (£4.75) on the side for greens.

So the starter was made up of spring rolls, popcorn shrimp and salt and pepper squid. It was all very fried and beige obviously but everything was good quality and tasted lovely. My favourite was the prawn spring rolls- giant, tasty and perfectly cooked king prawns in a light and crispy pastry. Loved the way they'd cut them too.

The server was very keen for us to have the roti with Malaysian curry sauce (£6.95) as a side. She said some people come in just to have this on its own, it's that good. 

I was sceptical but yes, I liked this. I liked this a lot. Gooey little pillows of roti were perfect for tearing chunks off and dipping into the fragrant, spicy curry sauce. I'd definitely visit just for this, what a gorgeous lunch this would make. Still with pak choi though.

For his main, Edd chose a Thai Green Curry with beef (£15.50) which was beautifully presented and had the heat and fragrance you would expect.

My main was coconut prawns (£15.95) which was incredible- one of my dishes of 2016!

Huge, crunchy king prawns with the tail still on were served in a glorious coconut sauce with actual coconut shavings. It was sweet and spicy but the prawns were still the star of the dish. Yum!

So, we definitely over-ordered and this would be an expensive meal. Go for the Malaysian curry sauce with roti and I definitely recommend the prawns if you like coconut and you will be very happy indeed.

I'll definitely be back to Chi Kitchen for lunch or an early evening meal. I could just eat that curry sauce and roti right now!

Chi Kitchen

Photos by Helen and Edd.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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