Tuesday, 6 December 2016

November in Food

Foodie photos from my phone last month.

Whisky tasting and dinner at The Plough

Did you know they have a wine tasting school at The Plough called Spit? Edd and I headed over to Harborne to meet a friend for dinner and then for a Whisky and chocolate pairing.

For dinner I had vegan quinoa chilli with avocado cream and a massive pile of flatbread. It was delicious. I'd just been to the dentist the day before and didn't want anything too chewy. I wouldn't have chosen this dish usually but it was spicy, tasty, almost sweet. Loved the avocado cream too. Oh and I ended up taking the flatbread to work the next day!

The whisky tasting was great too, though I'm far too good at drinking neat alcohol these days. 

Brunch at York's

Is it a month if I haven't had something at York's? Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, chai tea and extra beans!

Gift from Dad

You know how my Dad likes to get me random food occasionally. Last month he brought me some Dairylee lunchables and I very much enjoyed them.

Christmas Costa

I have a lunchtime Costa at least twice a week and I've been working my way through the Christmas specials. Honeycomb latte is defo my favourite. Bonus shot of my classroom too.

Hot vimto

Twitter BLEW UP when I put this on there. By which I mean, a couple of people asked me where I got it from. Obviously, gift from Dad.

Keg and Grill

Lots of naan, pilau rice and chicken curry after a swim, what a joy.

Edwardian Tearooms at BMAG

Just a lovely place to spend time.

All the Deliveroo

I don't know what happened last month but I had a LOT of Deliveroos. I suddenly realised that they don't have to be giant burgers and I could, of course, have a salad. With chips, obvs.

Birmingham German Market

I don't care what you think; it's not Christmas if I haven't had my chocolate covered fruit on a stick.

All food and drink paid for myself.

Photos taken on my phone. 

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