Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New York Day Three

It may be months since I was in New York (I've done an entire term since) but looking at the photos makes me smile and feel warm. Our second full day in New York was not a busy one; it was relaxed and featured plenty of food.

Two Hands is on Mott St, about 15 minutes walk from where we were staying in the Lower East Side. I'd spotted it on youtube and instagram and it's full of attractive young people who've just done some hot yoga and want a juice and something featuring chia seeds. Forgive my mocking tone; you know I'm double tapping all those photos on instagram.

Edd had a flat white ($4) (still weirdly rare in New York) and a bacon and egg roll ($10) which had lots of greens, super crispy bacon but not enough tomato relish.

I had the loveliest lavender white tea, which doesn't appear to be on the menu anymore. However, they do have a green tea with passionfruit, rose and marigold which sounds my kinda thing.

For food I wanted fruit. I chose ricotta on fruit loaf (again, menu has changed but approx $6) covered with berries, coconut and honey. I loved this; it filled me up but all the fruit kept me feeling good.

We found it a tad expensive for what you get and not really worth the wait outside either. However it was incredibly pretty, the food was tasty and I loved my tea. More white tea with lavender please.

Then, a trip on the subway to Central Park. I feel like I didn't really do Central Park very well. That place is massive. Being there was bizarre; it's such a famous and familiar sight.

I'm not going to talk about the terrible tacos I had from somewhere near Central Park. They haunt my nightmares still.

I haven't written about the evening because we headed to The Modern at the MoMA. This is a Michelin starred restaurant which was one of the first places to get rid of tipping and actually pay their staff properly, which is something I support. It was an expensive night and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't my food highlight of the trip.

Two Hands
Central Park
The Modern 

Photos by Helen and Edd.

All food and drink paid for ourselves. 

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