Monday, 19 December 2016

Marco's New York Italian, Birmingham Airport

Although I live in the city centre, I work at a school closer to Solihull and many of my friends live out that way. So I often ending up eating in that area. When I was invited to try out Marco's at the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport, it was nice to be able to treat my friend to dinner.

The Holiday Inn is very close to the airport and the NEC so I imagine it's often busy. Getting in a decent restaurant chain is a great idea- guests will be very happy to have somewhere to pop down and get a meal. It's spacious and comfortable; we sat in a cosy booth and felt like we could have a good chat.

We started with a bowl of mixed nuts (£3.75) while choosing our food. They had a tasty sweet/salty glaze and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were served warm.

My friend Rachael chose chunky chicken goujons for her starter (£7.25). You can't really go wrong with goujons but these were particularly good. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the crumb coating was well seasoned.

I chose Buffalo Wings (£6.25) which I can never resist, even though they are rarely as good as I hoped. These were good quality wings and nicely cooked but not- not- Buffalo Wings. Buffalo wings are coated in Buffalo sauce, which is vinegery hot sauce mixed with butter, usually served with blue cheese dip to cool the heat down. So I was baffled that these had absolutely no heat or sauce. Just call them chicken wings and everyone is happy. Or maybe serve them with hot sauce on the side.

Rachael chose a rib-eye steak (£24.50), cooked medium, served with sweet potato chips or chips and her choice of sauce. I'm not a steak person as I have mentioned but she enjoyed it.

As I'd had chicken wings for my starter I thought I'd keep things light with a Panzanella salad (£14.95 with tuna added) for my main. Panzanella salad is one of my favourite dishes and I liked the option to add tuna or chicken. Id usually go for chicken but I thought I'd be a little different and it worked perfectly. The salad was packed full of red onion, capers, tomato, herbs and bread. I felt satisfied but not stuffed afterwards.

Rach had New York Cheesecake (£6.75). This was light and creamy with a hint of lemon running through.

I fancied a Knickerbocker Glory, a throwback to my 90's childhood, but I resisted as I was quite full. Instead I had a classic Affogato (£5.95) which is creamy vanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso and amaretti biscuits. You're supposed to pour the coffee over the ice cream, but I prefer to drink the coffee separately and have the ice cream as a little bonus sweetness.

All in all I wouldn't go out of my way to go to Marco's New York Italian but if you are in the area or staying at the hotel you would be very happy. It's a great menu with yummy salads and good quality steak and plenty of comfort food. Just please don't call them Buffalo wings if there's no Buffalo sauce!

Marco's New York Italian, Birmingham Airport

Photos by Helen.

Food and drink were complimentary for review purposes. 

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