Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Kinome at Quarter Horse Coffee

Quarter Horse Coffee is my local coffee shop and is absolutely lovely. It's so clean and quiet, the coffee and tea are lovely and the sandwiches are simple and delicious. It's the perfect place for a Japanese pop-up restaurant. I love the Japanese food I've tried but I can't say I'm an expert. I was excited by the menu for Kinome's pop up at Quarter Horse; lots of things I hadn't tried or heard of.

We got ourselves booked in two weeks ago, but keep an eye out on their blog for more pop ups.

We arrived to a lovely peaceful atmosphere, with couples and groups enjoying their food. The menu was set but you could choose from Vegetarian or a fish/meat menu.

Before our food arrived we ordered a beer each and also a sake tasting set! I do like Japanese beer; it's light and almost citrussy.

The little sake taster set was lovely; it was great to try some different types.

Our first course was a selection of Japanese snacks. Clockwise from top left: egg roll with eel, cured mackeral, salmon with roe and sake paste, aubergine and tofu skewer, pine nuts and kaki.

Favourites here were the salmon in the shell, cured mackerel and the little bowl of pine nuts and something sharp.

Moving onto the wonderful sushi. Prawn, salmon and tuna sashimi, pressed eel and futo maki with tofu, mushroom and egg. It was all beautifully fresh and tasty and came with a delicate soy sauce.

I wasn't excited about the Beef Tendon Hot Pot on the menu as I was worried it would be too rich. Of course they'd approached it with a light touch: a small amount of beef tendon on top of daikon with a miso sauce. Rich but not heavy.

Finally, a heavenly light dessert of cloud-like matcha cake, dots of meringue, chestnuts and chantilly cream.

We loved our Japanese meal and found we were introduced to things we wouldn't have otherwise tried. Quarter Horse was the perfect setting for this meal too and I look forward to eating there again soon.

Quarter Horse Coffee

Photos by Helen and Edd.

Food and drink were paid for ourselves. 

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