Saturday, 31 December 2016

December in Food

Bits and bobs I haven't blogged about in December.

It's a big one this month!

Also I got a new phone this month so expect an increase in quality in these sorts of posts.

Christmas shopping at Lidl

A Lidl opened near my work and it's now way too easy to pop in and spend £16 on ridiculous things I don't need like truffle soft cheese.


Several Deliveroos this month, including noodles and prawn toast from chop and wok. I fried an egg to go on top because I'm a crazy rebel.


Sometimes you just fancy a Nandos. I was captain health last time I went and had butterfly chicken with a supergrain bowl and a salad. None of this taking the skin off nonsense though.

The Victoria

I had a sweet potato and halloumi veggie burger at The Victoria and it contained the biggest slice of cheese in the world. It was delicious but probably could have fed a family of four.

Muppets Christmas Carol at The Edwardian Tearooms

Does that sub-heading need anything else? There were also cheese and meat boards and mulled wine. Best night ever.

Coast to Coast 

Christmas meal with pals at Coast to Coast was fine. Company good, food fine (main actually bad). My buffalo wings were over cooked but the sauce was quite nice. Lets not talk about the main.

Brunch at Yorks

Always brunch at Yorks. Avocado smash because I'm a hipster from two years ago.

Baked eggs

With ham and tomato, toast soldiers, salad and hot sauce. Easy treat to make at home.

Christmas markets

I love it and I don't care what you think. Got my hot raspberry cider.

Christmas 2

I like to do some silly cooking over Christmas. I always do a beetroot cured salmon which I then eat with blinis and cream cheese on Boxing Day and pick at over the next fortnight.

I also made the most ridiculous 'ice cream bomb' because I saw the recipe on facebook. It took days with all the freezing but looked really awesome when it was done. It tasted fine but I may as well have just had some ice cream with crushed biscuits and malteasers.

Edd got me the ingredients to make my favourite cocktail (an Aviation) for Christmas so I've spent some time faffing about trying to make it perfectly. Here is one attempt in my new Oliver Bonas glass which I LOVE. 

I also have a second Christmas dinner with Edd. This year we managed to completely avoid greens. The roast potatoes were top quality though and the carrots were cooked in honey and cinnamon.

And why would you ever have crackers which didn't contain gin?

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