Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ana Rocha

I've talked about the Brum Bloggers community before. It's lovely to have a collective of all the wonderful and varied bloggers in and around Birmingham and we're lucky that Ting and Laura have organised some lovely events for us to mingle at.

The most recent one I attended was at Ana Rocha bar and gallery in the Jewellery Quarter. This is somewhere I'd been meaning to try for a while as I'd heard so much about it.

The concept is an odd one; it's a gallery but also a bar which serves up tapas with your cocktail. I was ushered through a corridor and a room filled with 'stuff' before I made it into the main bar.

The room is filled with over the top furniture and decorations and apparently everything is for sale.

Apologies in advance for the photo quality; the lights are bright pink and it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get photos.

I only had a couple of drinks as I was feeling a little tired that evening. First up was a Polish Martini (£7.30) made with Zubrowska vodka, apple juice, cinnamon and honey. This was lovely and soothing- just what you want when you're a little tired.

After some chat, we got to photograph and sample some of Ana Rocha's tapas dishes. 

There were the usual dishes you would expect- pimento peppers, patatas bravas, croquettes, cured meats etc. Prices range from about £4 up to £9.

I particularly enjoyed the meat selection; it was great quality.

I ate plenty of yummy tapas and really enjoyed a chat and a couple of cocktails. I'd definitely recommend Ana Rocha for a sophisticated evening out with pals or a date. And if you're a local blogger, take a look through the #brumbloggers hashtag or check out the group on facebook.

Ana Rocha

Brum Bloggers

Photos by Helen

Food was complimentary, drinks were paid for myself. 

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