Thursday, 10 November 2016

Travel: On the way to New York

So it's been three months since I returned from my trip to New York City and I'm finally finding time to write about it. Day one was mainly just travelling. Our flight was from Gatwick and we travelled down there by train as the plane wasn't until 5pm.

Remember I'm a food blogger so most of my New York posts will be food heavy! Day one was no exception. We decided to start with brunch at York's, near New Street Station, which I am always raving about.

9am- Breakfast at York's. 

I was conscious that I would be sitting around a lot and I didn't want to over-eat. I chose a peppermint tea (£2.50) to drink, with smoked salmon and scrambled egg on sourdough toast (£8.50). I love the way they add little extras at York's, like micro-herbs and a random sprinkle of sumac.

Edd chose their avocado smash with a side of gorgeously charred bacon (£7.50 with bacon) and probably a flat white. Their menu says it was Birmingham's first avocado smash and who am I to doubt them?

Virgin First Class

We had brought first class tickets for the first leg of the train. It wasn't much more money as we were booking in advance and meant we could sit in the first class lounge at New Street, have free tea and water and we got a lovely snack too. A little fruit bowl with yoghurt and honey was just what I wanted at around 11am. Plus, the seats were so comfy.

Wagamama, Gatwick Airport

After getting off the train at Euston, it was the tube to Victoria and then the train to Gatwick. This was the worst part of the journey. At Gatwick, everything went smoothly and we decided to eat as we weren't sure how much and when we would get on the plane.

It's always a good time to have a Wagamama and so I chose my favourite lollipop prawns and a pork belly steamed bun. I didn't find the bun as delicious as last time I'd had it, but the prawns were sticky and citrussy. I hadn't intended to drink but a glass of prosecco seemed appropriate.

The plane ride was smooth until we landed at JFK and sat for an hour on the runway. Because it was quite late we then got a yellow cab to Manhattan to our airbnb.

Our host's friend greeted us. We had been left bagels, cream cheese and orange juice so we tucked in and then slept.

More coming soon.

York's Bakery Cafe

Virgin First Class


Photos by Helen.

Food and drink were all paid for ourselves. 

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