Sunday, 20 November 2016

A day in the life: Chicken and Champagne

Chicken and Champagne Day is definitely a real thing and not just something Edd and I made up as an excuse to drink and eat to excess once a year. We usually pick a day in August and just go for it.

10am- Brunch at Bardolino

I've reviewed Bardolino brunch, so go read about it. I liked the retro furniture and my continental style breakfast.

11am- Is it too early for fizz?

Not when it has orange juice in and you're looking slightly psychotic. My favourite yellow skirt matches the drink too.

12 noon- Boring but necessary

Girly stuff. 

1pm- Tea and pinball

You've been to Tilt right? Beer and pinball? They also have a smashing selection of teas. I tried the Berry and Hibiscus but it was a tad too sharp for me. I'll go for the chocolate one again next time.

2pm- Lunch at York's

I love York's breakfast and cakes so it was about time I gave lunch a try. We had cocktails and 241 (or two for £10) burgers.

Mine was a citrussy gin based drink and Edd's was an Espresso Martini, with rum instead of vodka. 

My burger was a gorgeous chicken shawarma with lots of salad in a lovely toasted bun. Edd's was a spicy beef patty with a gorgeous tomato relish. The menu has changed a little since then but I'd definitely recommend food at York's for something a little different.

4pm- Bath time

You can't see my feet sticking out of the bubbles so this can't possibly go on instagram.

5pm- Fizz o'clock

7pm- Friday's at Opus

Again, I've blogged about Friday's at Opus before but it was great to head back. The menu changes regularly, depending on what is available at the market.

It seemed only right to start with a Champagne Cocktail, which is champagne with an angostura bitters-soaked sugar cube in it. (Around £10).

The Friday Night menu is £25 for two courses, bread and half a bottle of wine. Naturally the choices are limited, but I like this as it encourages me to choose something different.

Both Edd and I chose the ham hock terrine for a starter. I loved how this was served with a variety of interesting little garnishes, such as pickled veg and quails eggs. They really lightened the dish.

For his main, Edd chose the beef. This was served in a rich gravy with carrot and potatoes. Edd loved it but it was too rich for me on a warm day.

I had fish (can't remember what the fish was) with courgette and courgette flower. The fish was perfectly cooked and was complimented well by the fresh sauce and crushed potatoes.

Pudding isn't included in the deal but we paid extra for it. Edd had a beautiful strawberry and cream concoction.

Meanwhile, I chose a trio of mango- mango sorbet, mango sponge, fresh mango and mango sauce and cream. We both felt the dishes had slightly too much cream on but nevertheless, they were beautiful and left us wanting to go back to Opus.


Photos by Helen and Edd.

All food and drink paid for ourselves except for Bardolino and I posted about this separately. 

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