Sunday, 2 October 2016

September in Food

Phone photos from September.

So... in September...

241 Burgers at Gas Street Social

Because sometimes you can't be bothered to cook on a Monday.

I started a new year at work

I got this cute lunch box from Tiger and have been filling it with yummy treats to get me through the day and contribute towards my five a day. And I'm obsessed with boiled eggs currently.

I've also been drinking a lot of this delicious honey and lemon green tea by Tetley. Apparently it contains vitamin c and I'm sure it does. It is very soothing on my throat. My class are more mellow this year than my previous class but nevertheless;  my voice is my tool.

Edd turned 30

I got him plenty of rum and whisky and a cold brew coffee machine. If you haven't tried cold brew, it takes the bitterness from coffee and you can drink it cold or hot. You can also have cold brew tea, which is fantastic.

I had plenty of cold brew in New York and I predict it will be huge in the UK next summer.

Yelp and Deliveroo Big Night In

I had £10 of credit to use to buy alcohol from Deliveroo so I chose cider from The Wellington.

Trying to be cool at the Style Birmingham party

There was lots of free booze to celebrate Style Birmingham's 10th birthday.

Photos taken on my phone or Edd's.

Most food and drink paid for myself except for the Yelp event and Style Birmingham's party which I was invited to. Because I'm so cool. 


Natasha said...

I love your lunchbox and the goodies you put inside looked like my ideal lunch! That first meal looks amazing too, I love chunky chips! - Tasha

Kezzie said...

The burger looks tasty! I like the lunchbox too!x