Saturday, 29 October 2016

Cau, Brindley Place

Cau is an Argentinian steakhouse in Brindley Place. First reports of the place were good, especially breakfast. But you know what I'm like- the word steak puts me off because I just don't care about steak.

Edd had their burger at the Foodies Festival and it was a great burger- juicy and meaty and a shiny brioche bun. We also had a great spatchcock chicken take away the day we got back from New York.

So when we had a friend staying (and Original Patty Men had sold out) we decided to try out Cau. Interestingly decorated with blue skies and clouds, lots of metal and the word CAU printed a lot, it's a large restaurant with plenty of seating. They found us a seat with no problem.

I chose a Cau G&T (£6.95), Portobello Road gin served Spanish-style in a big glass with plenty of ice, juniper berries and fruit. There's a lot of fresh and fruity cocktails, all around £7 or £8. This lasted me the whole meal alongside some tap water.

We didn't have starters but went straight into mains. Unusually for me, I chose a sandwich- Chicken Milanese Sandwich (£10.95) which came with chips or salad. I chose chunky chips and ordered a mixed tomato salad (£3.95) separately.

The sandwich is made up of breaded chicken, with salad, melted cheese and a fried egg. Allegedly the bread is jalapeno bread but I can't say I picked that up. Nevertheless, I loved the moist chicken with the egg and the bread was perfectly grilled.

Sides were great quality too- huge, chunky chips and a really delicious tomato salad. I loved the herby marinade over the tomatoes and onions and this helped to keep the meal light-ish.

Edd chose the Buenos Aires Burger (£14.95) which is topped with BBQ braised beef, Monterey JacK cheese, onion rings and Cau's ketchup. This looked a bit too sloppy for me but if you like brisket/pulled meat on your burger then you'll enjoy it. Edd certainly demolished it and there's nothing like onion rings on a burger.

We enjoyed our tasty meal and have already been back- try the Spatchcock chicken with some coal roasted cauliflower. It's not just about steak.

Photos by Helen.

I paid for the meal myself and they were unaware I would be blogging.

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Kezzie said...

I think that tomato salad looks amazing! I'd totally order that! You're making me hungry for chips...x