Sunday, 23 October 2016

Birmingham on Film:

I try not to start posts by going on a #humblebrag about how #blessed I am as a blogger but sometimes you just have to. Sometimes blogging takes you to things you would never have otherwise done. And that is how I ended up sitting in a deckchair one October evening, fleecy blanket wrapped around me, Original Patty Men burger in hand, watching a Cliff Richard film from 1973.

The film was Take Me High- Cliff's final film, set in Birmingham...! He stars as a slick London banker who is sent to the company's Birmingham offices. He meets a local woman trying to run her own restaurant. They start a posh burger restaurant together called BRUM BURGER. Cliff is living on a barge in Gas St Basin at this point. I'm not making this up.

This screening was part of Flatpack Festival's Birmingham on Film season. They'd teamed up with Regency Wharf, between Broad Street and Gas Street Basin.

There was a huge screen, deck chairs with blankets and food and drink available from Original Patty Men and Rub.

We decided to get ourselves a couple of cocktails from Rub first. These weren't included in the ticket price but were on offer 241. We found them both a little sweet for our tastes, but this may have been because they weren't as chilled as they could be. They certainly woke me up!

Included in the ticket price was a Brum Burger from Original Patty Men. Designed especially for the event, it was a beef patty in a buttermilk bun, with HP onions, red pepper flakes, smoked cheddar and mushy peas. Being an Original Patty Men burger it was going to be good but this was particularly good. Mushy peas on a burger is a genius idea and the red pepper flakes added some surprising heat. Absolutely delicious and it did look somewhat better than the one in the film.

Rub were also supplying maple bacon or marshmallow popcorn, which was sticky and decadent. I do prefer a dry popcorn (see the beef dripping popcorn at Bar and Block) but this was a fun treat.

The film was preceded by a couple of archive films about the King Kong statue which used to be in Birmingham and the opening of Spaghetti Junction. It was fascinating to see such familiar sites as the Rotunda and Spaghetti Junction but with people from such a different time. How could accents, mannerisms and fashions have changed so much in half a century?

The film itself was great fun. Everyone was in good spirits and we all cheered when we saw famous bits of Birmingham. If you want to watch the film yourself, you're going to have to scour ebay as it is no longer available. (SHAME!)

Flatpack Festival will be back in April 2017 but keep an eye open for occasional events in the meantime.


Photos by Helen and Edd.

My admission to the film and the burger were complimentary but I paid for extras myself. 

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