Saturday, 24 September 2016

New menu at Rose Villa Tavern

The nights are drawing in and all I want to do is sit in a cosy pub eating comfort food. I went to try the Rose Villa Tavern's new menu back in August when it was still super hot but now is the time when this food comes into its own. Rose Villa Tavern is just the sort of old-fashioned pub with a modern twist that you want to spend an Autumn evening in.

We kicked things off with a vodka and berry based spritz- a fashionable way of serving drinks at the moment. This was a refreshing drink if a little sweet for some.

Food is American diner style, with wings and burgers being the stars of the show. 


We tried four different types of wings- Buffalo, Vietnamese, Sticky Chipotle BBQ and Crunchy Fried. These start from £4.75 for six, which is an excellent price. On Monday you can even get a kilo of wings with fries for £12.50.

Vietnamese- another fashionable flavour at the moment. I think these were the most popular with the group. A little sweet, a little spicy and something a bit different.

Sticky Chipotle BBQ- These were my favourite. Sticky, saucy, with just a little heat. These are topped with cheese and beer soaked onions.

Buffalo- Hot wings are always my favourites but I'm quite specific in my tastes- I want plenty of sauce and I want to be able to taste the acidity and the heat! They've done something a little different here, which is tossing them in Frank's hot sauce and then finishing with a blue cheese crumb. A cute idea but I felt the blue cheese overwhelmed the flavour of the hot sauce.

Crunchy Fried- A bit like a certain famous fast food joint. I had these last time I was at RVT and found them a little dry. These were much improved- perfectly cooked so there was a golden crunchy coating and the meat was hot and moist.

And here's a gratuitous photo of saucy, cheesy wings!


Burgers are £8.50 for a standard burger or £9.50 for a premium one. We tried the Meatball Mayhem, the Beer Buster and the Meat Free Mexican. There was also a vegan burger but I didn't try that.

Beer Buster was topped with slow cooked beer soaked onions and sweet potato fries. This one was brilliant, messy fun.

If you like plenty of meat on your burger, you will enjoy the Meatball Mayhem.

Meat Free Mexican is a spicy bean burger with avocado and salad.

Salad and pasta

Popeye Salad (£8.95) was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. A tasty fresh salad, with avocado, tomato and spinach, topped with perfectly fried chicken.

There were three different pastas- meatball spaghetti, chicken macaroni and a veggie spaghetti with capers and chilli (£7-9). I am not a pasta fan so none of these stood out to me. I did enjoy the capers in the veggie pasta though.

Finally, a vegan salad (£7) of sweet potato and black bean with a chipotle almond dressing.

If you're in the Jewellery Quarter, you've probably already been to the RVT. If not, it's worth a little walk from the city to sit in such a beautiful venue and tuck into some chicken wings.

Rose Villa Tavern, Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter

Photos by Edd and myself

Food and one cocktail were complimentary. 

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MissPond said...

It was such a yummy evening wasn't it?! I really want to head back to the RVT for the quiz and wings on a Monday :)