Thursday, 22 September 2016

Event: Christmas at the Holiday Inn

I've been through many a fun experience with blogging and recently I've been taking friends (rather than Edd) along for the ride when possible. Golf was a brilliant, for example. Back in June, I took my friend Sophie to the Holiday Inn near Birmingham Airport for... wait for it... Christmas in June!

We were there to try out their Christmas party offerings. As well as some interested parties like me they had invited staff from nearby businesses (I spotted a couple of teachers from one of the schools I was a student teacher at) and previous guests. This sort of mass function is great for large workplaces like schools- it's exactly the sort of place my work go at Christmas.

After a glass of bucks fizz (heavy on the orange, I was driving) we found our seats and had bread rolls, water and pulled crackers.

There seemed to be some schmoozing going on from people who make corporate gifts.

Father Christmas turned up at one point, which was hilarious.

Onto food! We had already pre-selected our meals, as you would at a Christmas meal. I went with my classic choices of salmon starter and Christmas dinner main.

The salmon was a terrine, served with herby bits and bobs on top. The dish was served chilled, as you would expect at these mass-catered events. It was pleasantly creamy but still light.

The Christmas dinner wasn't the best one I've ever experienced but filled me up and made me feel festive. It would definitely line your stomach at the start of a night out which is probably all you need. I did love the sausage wrapped in bacon.

Got to have plenty of cranberry sauce.

Sophie had soup to start, which I somehow failed to photograph. She chose the fish main- salmon fillet with veg and crushed potato. She didn't eat all of it as she was full but she did enjoy what she had.

We were having a jolly time singing along to the Christmas music and talking about our favourite Christmas songs (mine is a toss up between Slade and Chris de Burgh) and I could imagine this being a great work night out.

For pudding I had to have Christmas pudding. It was sticky and full of fruit and just what I wanted.

Sophie had a chocolate mousse which did look fantastic initially but had unfortunately collapsed. This was a tad too rich for me but a very decadent treat.

On our table we met Manni from Treats Allowed, who shared some of her delicious fudge with us.

The evening was rounded off with a little mince pie and coffee.

As Sophie and I left, the night was just getting started with a live band. We had a little dance and then made our way home. A fun night with the people of Solihull and definitely somewhere to consider for your Christmas do.

Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport

Photos by Helen. 

Food and drink were complimentary.

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