Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Event: #Brumbloggers do Deliveroo

Having a group of fellow Birmingham bloggers is absolutely marvellous. We have a facebook and twitter, where we can share posts, opportunities and ask for advice from each other. Not only that; Ting and Laura have also arranged some lovely events for us. Some have been themed, some are just socials and some are opportunities with brands. The one I want to talk about today was a mixture of the last two really.

We met at The Wellington on Bennett's Hill. A traditional pub with an excellent array of real ales, interesting ciders and spirits, I somehow hadn't been there yet. They don't sell food but cleverly encourage customers to order through Deliveroo.

I found my fellow bloggers in a room which The Wellington had reserved for us. We pushed some tables together and settled ourselves down. I had a lovely rhubarb cider. Fruit ciders can sometimes be too sweet but this was proper cider.

Deliveroo had kindly provided us with credit to buy our dinner while we chatted blogging, food and holidays. Some people chose immediately, while some of us couldn't decide between all the options. For those who don't know, Deliveroo collects food from good quality restaurants and brings it to you. Think great local restaurants and chains such as Pizza Express, Wagamama and Bella Italia.

I chose to order from Cafe Soya, a Vietnamese and Chinese independent restaurant. While I was waiting, I gained a friend in the shape of Welly the cat. The cat wanders about the place, getting lots of attention and, I daresay, food. No food from me I'm afraid Welly, I'm a dog person. And I love my food too much.

Having put in my order and given the address of the pub, I sat back and waited for it to arrive. You are given an estimated time, usually between 25 and 45 minutes. If you have the app you can watch the progress of the driver. I just ordered on the internet on my phone and that still does a pretty good job of updating you.

My food arrived hot and undamaged. Because I was in a public place the driver called me rather than trying to find me. I took my packages of food upstairs and tucked in. The cat was most upset.

I probably should have saved some of the credit for a later date but instead I decided to pig out and get a starter, main and rice. My starter was steamed Vietnamese Pancake Rolls (£4.50) with a light chilli sauce. Delicious and crunchy and I took a couple home.

Chilli pepper prawns (£8.50) were lightly battered and came with plenty of chilli and onion. Despite a small journey, the prawns still had a good crunch and the batter was reasonably crisp.

Egg fried rice (£2.80) was a giant portion, obviously- enough for four.

I enjoyed tucking in to my prawns and chatting to my fellow bloggers. I'll definitely order Cafe Soya again (already a big fan of Deliveroo ) and I'm already planning a return trip to The Wellington.

The Wellington, Bennett's Hill

Photos by me

Food was complimentary thanks to Deliveroo. We paid for our own drinks. 

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