Monday, 26 September 2016

Brunch at The One Elm, Stratford-Upon-Avon

I'm a fan of the bottomless brunch trend but haven't actually done it that often. Last time was at Gas Street Social at The Mailbox and you paid for your food and the bottomless drinks separately. I got through a lot of bellinis. A lot.

At the end of the summer holidays, Edd and I went on a little trip to Stratford Upon Avon to have bottomless brunch at The One Elm. This is part of the Peach Pubs chain which I am a fan of.

The train to Stratford was about 30 minutes from Birmingham Snow Hill and then about ten minutes walk from the station to the pub. It's a lovely building with lots of space inside, outside and upstairs! As it was still a lovely day we chose to sit in the beautiful beer garden. It felt very private because of the high wall. There's a lovely little shelter with lots of soft seats and cushions too. Great for the winter.

So, brunch. I was initially a tad confused about what your £20 'stiff bottom' got you. I'd assumed it was just  the drinks and you paid for food separately. Actually, it includes food AND drink.The manager and the server told us that most people start with something like toast or granola, go onto a bagel or waffles and finish with a Full English. We were also left with a timer for two hours.

So basically, you have two hours to get through as much food and drink as you can. You can also choose unlimited hot drinks or fruit juice if you aren't drinking. You have to have finished what you are on before you move to the next dish or drink and you can't change drinks. I had a coffee while I was choosing but then moved onto mimosas.

The mimosas were orange juice heavy, which was for the best! I think I got through about three which is probably quite enough for the morning. If you were a little quicker off the mark you could have more.

We shared some toast and jam to start with while we perused the menu. We were a bit worried about filling ourselves up too much but also excited at the prospect of trying lots from the menu.

Granola was tempting but I knew I wanted bacon and waffles so I decided to go for that first, just to make sure I actually got it! I loved the crispy bacon with the soft sweet waffle and plenty of maple syrup.

Edd chose a salmon and cream cheese bagel which I was a bit jealous of when it turned up. The cream cheese was slathered all over the bread, with greenery from the chives and just enough salmon.

Neither of our first dishes were huge but would be enough if you wanted a little bite without doing the bottomless brunch. We enjoyed our first round and were feeling happy to go onto another course.

To get my salmon fix, I had eggs royale. Half a toasted muffin, watercress, poached egg, smoked salmon and a lovely light hollandaise. Again, a very sensible portion size, which left me satisfied but still with room for more. I loved the addition of the watercress.

Edd was umming and ahhing but decided that, actually, what he really wanted was a good bacon roll. Again, this was simple, but came with three slices of perfectly cooked bacon. Look at that rendered fat!

I don't know what bread it was, but it was very light- they've thought this through!

Most people finish with a Full English apparently. I tend to find a Full English a bit heavy and was worried I wouldn't get through it. So I thought I'd have myself a sort of breakfast pudding of French toast with strawberries and yoghurt. Washed down with my final mimosa, this was the perfect end to my brunch. 

However, I may have spoken too soon on the Full English front as when Edd's arrived it didn't look too intimidating. Rather than including a ridiculous amount of meat like some can, there was one good quality sausage, one piece of that lovely bacon, one fried egg, half a tomato, one small mushroom and some black pudding.

Edd and I treated it a bit like a dinner and had three 'courses' but I think you can get through a lot more if you want to. We wanted to take it easy and eat about every half an hour, which we did. However, the staff members were quite prepared to take our orders much sooner.

So, believe it all not, £20 will get you two hours of unlimited food and either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Edd and I felt so completely relaxed. It was a lovely way to kick off the weekend. Click on the link below to see the menu and to book. 

The One Elm, Stratford Upon Avon

Photos by Helen and Edd. 

Bottomless brunch was complimentary for review purposes

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