Saturday, 3 September 2016

August in Food (including New York!)

Foodie bits and bobs taken on my (or Edd's) phone. I was off work for the whole of August. A good chunk of August was spent in New York and there will be separate posts on this later. Even at home I was eating out a lot and again, there will be posts on those too!

So this is a round up of those meals I didn't take photos of with my SLR.

New York

Crab gratin at The Fat Radish...

Thai Ice Cream Rolls at 10 Below...

Michelin star dining at The Modern...

This pork was Edd's food highlight of the holiday.

Meanwhile, I had one of the best desserts I've ever tried.

Laughing at America's version of 'duck fat chips'. That's half a potato!

Eating my favourite Skittles while waiting for the Staten Island Ferry.

Getting a 'slice' from Stanton Street Pizza.

Back Home

I went to check out 200 Degrees coffee shop and have been back twice since.

I took part in the Colour Run and had celebratory Pizza Express afterwards. I love the pizzas with the salad in the middle.

More pizza at Yelp's event at The Stable. There was a pizza designing competition and I won! My pizza had spicy pork, pineapple, goats curd, red chillis and rocket and it was fab.

And there was plenty of cider to try too.

More New York posts will trickle in slowly but surely.

Photos by me or by Edd on our phones.
All food was paid for by me except the Yelp event.

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